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Going to be gone


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From Feb 1- Feb 19

We are moving!

All the way around- :shock:

Our house, our business, the service that hosts this website- EVERYTHING is moving and changing.

I will not have access to e-mail or PM until the 19th.

Rick continues to go into his office daily (got to work and pay the bills) so he will be checking in from time to time when he gets a free moment-

I trust the moderators to keep their forums and it's content safe and informative for all the members of LCSC and please keep in mind that our wonderful Board of Directors will be available for any issues or questions that may arise!

Take care everyone. I will miss you and please know that each of you will be in my prayers each and everyday.

I'll "see" you again on the 19th!

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Thanks Ry,

I will take the monopoly house! And a promise from everyone for nothing but good news and stable/good health while I am gone!!!!

I've never left before...never have been away since the beginning of time for even one single day! And now I will be gone almost three weeks. :cry:

Many Hugs,

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Good luck with your move Katie and be good to the monopoly house pass. You should know, however, that when I moved from VA to FL I had the train pass. I used the house pass when we came to FL to look for a house in Oct. I do hope you have a house, apt., or something to move into.

Muriel K

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