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My mom's latest CT scan raises questions....

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about the met to her liver. Her doctor has always had some question about whether there are actually liver mets. In November, after her 2nd chemo treatment, he was suprised to see the spots still there, given that the lung tumor and brain mets had been significantly reduced. He was thinking that perhaps the spot(s) were not cancer after all. Then, after the 3rd round of chemo, the scans showed all signs of cancer were gone, in all three places (lung, brain, liver).

Now, we're back where we were in November, with her latest CT scan on Friday showing a spot(s) on the liver. The doc said he took all the scans and went to the better (?) machine to read them, and that it's clear to him now that they never resolved, but show up on all the previous scans.

So now, he wants to do a liver biopsy. If it's something benign, that would obviously be terrific news. If it is cancer, he wants to treat it with radiofrequency ablation. Says the spot(s) are very accessible.

We're still not sure what to make of all of this. I'm hanging on to the potential for really good news.

I know these CT scans are not like looking at a photograph, but how often does this happen? And is anyone familiar with the radiofrequency ablation? It seems to have very few, if any, risks or side effects.

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Thanks, Jen. That is great to know! I'm SO hoping that it turns out to be something like that.

I've read some of your posts about your hearing problems. My mom is having similar issues and it's been very difficult for her. Have you looked into a hearing aid? My mom is seeing a hearing doctor who said he will prescribe one as soon as it stablizes, but it shows no signs of doing that yet. I told her I thought she ought to get one now (and her onco on Friday suggested the same thing), even if it's obsolete in a few months and she has to get a new one.

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Yes, Cisplatin destroyed my ears and I only had one dose. They switched me to carbo for the next 4 rounds. I have an ENT consult, had my hearing tested and lost 60% of all high frequency hearing. The buzzing is much better, it took a few months. Still cant hear some stuff, will get re-evaluated later I guess.

Good luck,


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method of removing tumors in the liver. My Oncologist has discussed this as a possibility for resolving a tumor in my liver. After my round of CPT 11 is over, we will discuss it again. He is hoping my tumor will be smaller.

Using Google as a Search Engine, I found several websites about Radiofrequency Ablation. It doesn't sound like a painful or dangerous treatment! The easier the tumors are to get to, the easier the treatment!Take a look and see what the experts of the web have to say!

Good luck to your Mother, who is about my age! Marge

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Marge, I noticed from one of your other posts, that you and my mother are about the same age and were diagnosed near the same time. I'm glad that you've also had a positive response to your treatment.

It does seem like the risks to the ablation are almost non-existent! That's a nice change of pace! :)

Jen, I can't wait to tell my mother that your hearing did eventually get somewhat better. I know that will perk her up!

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