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July 5 was my one-year anniversary. 1 year I have quit smoking and 1 year I found out I had cancer. Coming up on July 19 it will be 1 year they removed my lung. I remember the day I found out I had Cancer, it was the wors day of my life. I told my wife I would be dead in six months, BOY was I wrong. I was hoping that it would of been 1 year I was cancer free but I still have A little more fighting to do yet. Its hard to believe it has been 1 year already.

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HAPPY ONE YEAR!!! Hey, my 8 year anniversary of having my lung removed will be July 25th! Want to go CELEBRATE together????? I know your dealing with that little BUMP in the road thingy right now, but I have HOPE AND FAITH that we will be CELEBRATING this minor setback in time to come too!!! :roll::roll: Can't wait for the ALL CLEAR SIGN AGAIN!! It can HAPPEN!!! And it WILL!!!

HAPPY BIRHTDAY, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I kind of like to think of my survivor dates as birthday's. Kind of like starting over, but a little smarter this time around!! :wink: Then again, maybe not!!!! :?:roll:

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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