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Fingers and Toes crossed please


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Good Morning all

We go this morning to get the results of moms 3 month scans. I had thought there would be nothing to this, but I have made myself sick with worry about this. I have been up all night as well as mom. Since Friday mom has had numerous aches and pains that can only mean one thing. I do not know how everyone gets through these times. I guess you dont understand until you experience it yourself.

Please say a prayer for mom ans keep a toe or finger crossed as we go get these results today. Appt is at 1120am, which is not a minute to soon for me,

Thanks all and god bless


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I will definitely send prayers your way. And I will tell you something that I don't remember to tell myself nearly often enough-patients have good days and bad days. It's possible your mom is having a little bad spell and it isn't really significant as to cancer growth. That's what I'll be praying for. Keep us posted.

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Thanks everyone...All is well. The nurse actually called me while i was driving over to get mom. man when i saw who was calling I freaked, I just knew they were calling so they could tell me before mom. But nope, says she has gallstones which we knew, and no cancer anywhere. But our appointment was actually messed up which was another reason he was callling, they had us down to see a partner doc. So we will go in Thursday and she the doc to get the next game plan.

Also Mom goes to see the pulmonoligist in the am, I know she is breathing much better now,as she is forgetting to use her nebilizer. Mom doesnt even have to watch a clock, her body tells her every 4 hrs she cant breath, but now its back to like it was during chemo and radiation where she really doesnt even need it, but usees it cause she should the doc says. So we'll seee whats up there and hopefully get a release from him to start a exercise/workout program. I need this as bad as she does, so we are both excited about this.

Thanks again for all you do

god Bless us all


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