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Frank Lamb

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January 2005 is over already!!.WOW,This month seemed to fly by to me.

This seemed a very good month for jokes.There were a lot of really good

jokes & riddles.Now comes the hard part,VOTING.

January's joke theme was Animal Jokes & Stories.There were a lot of good ones.To cast your vote just place a post in this forum & state who it was you felt had the best joke/jokes.If you don't want to vote publicly you

are welcome to PM me in private with your vote.The voting will run 3 days.

My vote goes to countrygirl 97 (Margaret) for a Duck Tale on 01/04/05.

There were over 4400 viewers of our jokes last month.They all were good ones and I'm sure they brought many smiles to people having Lung

Cancer & their Caregivers & their Loved Ones.AND THAT IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT FOLKS.


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I'LL second for Duck Tale! Have those tennis balls ever hatched? :P

I'd also like to nominate, in the "Make You Groan & Deliciously Horrible" category, Frank's THE HORSE & THE CHICKEN. Oops, no such category? Well I'm giving it a nod anyway.

Thanks to all for all of the laughs.


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My vote goes to the pig. Hands down. Pig. Can't keep my mind off that pig. By the way, did you hear about the pig? You know, the pig. The pig. The incredible pig.


By the way there is something else about pigs that really is sad. They are one of the brightest animals- and when they go to slaughter, they are hung on a line---pigs realize what is going to happen to them, and thus they scream on their way to slaughter. This is something else I can never forget about pigs. If you have seen it, you will never, ever get that sound out of your mind.

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