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Hi Barb, and welcome. Just one more week and the test. Boy we all know what that is all about. I pray that yours shows that you have NED as a close companion ( NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE) Waiting to hear how it goes, Donna G

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Hi Barb

Hi Barb and welcome. You will find that you'll be glad you only lurked about for a week, this is such a wonderful place to be.

You and and my mom have/had the very same cancer as well as treatment. Only thing different is Mom could not have the surgery due to COPD. Today she is cancer free and has been since the end of her treatment in Oct. I feel sure you will see the same wonderful results. Mom handle everything very well, alot better than we expected. I will say the radiation is what surprised me the most, for some reason i thought it was a piece of cake, no side effects, etc...I was wrong and that seemed to hit mom worse than the chemo, but nothing she could not handle. Even when the high dose chemo, actaully she noticed no difference, and the last treatment was like she never even had it, no side effects nothing. So you see i have a few reasons the feel really good about your treatment plan and the results.

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to PM me

God Bless


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Hi Barb,

I have nsclc IIIA and had the same chemo and it was given the same

way. I called the two seperate treatments 4 weeks apart the blasts. Was done all treatment 1-23-04. Doing great and so will you. Keep the faith. Take care and good luck.

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Dear Barb,

Welcome aboard. I'll be keeping everything crossed that your tests come up clean -- Len is getting his first post radiation tests the following week (he's also IIIA and had taxol-carbo first, then radiation as follow up), so we're all in the same finger crossing/nail biting category.

Let us know your news as soon as you hear.


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