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Al-Anon Chat Room (off topic)


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I have received two private requests for the Al-Anon chat room I mentioned in the Spirituality Forum, so I thought that maybe others might like to have it, so here it is:


Their website isn't as easy to navigate as ours is. After you get to the site, just a little distance down the page, there is a gold box with two columns. On the right side column, Number 1.) is where you click:

1.) Come into the chatroom from our website based Java chat using the link below or by CLICKING HERE.

After "Clicking Here", it takes a while for the big white box to appear (it's about half-way down). It will say java for username and some other blah-blah boxes. Just wait another minute, and it will change to another screen. Then you will see a box at the bottom where you can type in a username. You can pick anything you want, but if you pick a common name like Peggy, John, Abby, etc., you will probably have to type some numbers behind it.

Your username will be in black and the rest are blue.

Good luck!



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