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December Test Results Are In


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Had CT scans on Dec 29 and saw Onc for results today. I had not called his office for results. It was a long wait but I decided to forget I had the scans and wait for results. Kinda helps me get cancer off my mind by "pretending" I guess. I did mention to the nurse that it was a long wait. She told me not to ever worry about it because she reads the report the minute she gets it and if anything is slightly wrong she calls me.

Now for the results.....NED and NERD. This is the first time that he has used these words. He always tells me "your scans are clear" or "your CT was OK." This time it was, "No evidence of any cancer in your abodmen and no evidence of cancer in your pelvis. There is no evidence of re-curing cancer in your lung." I have waited almost 2 years to hear these words.

The cysts on my liver and kidneys are stable. He told me not to loose any sleep about them because he wasn't going to.

I never got the chance to discuss the insurance issue with him. First thing he ask was "how are you doing? Anything new happening?" I told him I was having some headakes and he said "Ok' I'll order MRI for you." He also ordered PSA for prostate. With these 2 tests and what I had in Dec pretty well scans the body so I didn't ask for more. I think he was one step ahead of me because he scheduled me for a 3 month follow up visit. I did ask 3 or 6 and he said 3. :wink:

Sorry so long but wanted to touch base with each of you.

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Hi Bruce - I'm new here and am really enjoying seeing such great news. My husband Ron is awaiting MRI results to determine if suspicious thickening of the left adrenal gland is more than just that. I can empathize with you - the waiting game is so so difficult.

Congratulations and continued success!


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Bruce---what great, great news!---I am so happy for you and your family-

and am also glad about getting the MRI---It is hard enough to worry about the cancer and to worry about insurance on top of it!--

Best wishes

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You must be on Cloud 9 with that good news! And, with the remainder of the tests scheduled for before your insurance runs out, you should be able to feel pretty good for a while now. Congratulations on your great news!


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