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Has anyone heard from Nina????

Angie Daughter of Bill

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I'M HERE!!!!! With only good news. Chest film CLEAR!!! MRI CLEAR!!!! and if the pain doesn not go away a PET is scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I didn't hear the results until late this afternoon or I would have posted earlier. I was so tired this afternoon and night that I napped most of that time til now. We stayed yesterday (45 miles from home) and had the MRI late last night as a work-in.

I just wanted to cry when I read all the voices of concern. You folks are nothing but the greatest!!! I have no idea what is causing the pain but right now, I will assume it is a pulled muscle. If it doesn't resolve we will make absolutely sure with a PET mid month. I love all of you so much and feel like a heel that I didn't get online sooner to let you all know.

Prayers work miracles. Thank you.


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Yeah Nina!!!! I think that the entire board will agree with me that it's DEFINITELY time to re-open the pub.

Oh??? :shock: It was never closed? Well in that case...a round for the house on me to celebrate your GREAT news. We all were so concerned, thank you for giving us this update.

Hugs, love and prayers to you Nina.

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