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Office Depot Selling Wrist Bands for Profit


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Sorry to just pop in so quick to post. Work, Steve's health issues, etc. have really limited my time. I do want to reach those of you who may not get time to go to the Activism section. Office Depot is advertising the wrist bands (in ANY color) to be used as promotional products - eg. advertise your company logo, etc. Please take the time to read my post in the Activism section. If we are going to make a dent in a big corporation, it's going to take a lot of us.

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i think we should all call the president of office depot and tell him how we feel. i have made complaints on line to other companys on other issues and never never even was heard. i think they just deleate them. however when i called the president of the company that is when i saw results. the issue was rectified imediatly. i for one am going to call today

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Yes!! I like the phone call idea. I'll be calling them tomorrow and think I will also mention that I have contacted the Lance Armstrong Foundation and am posting it on national websites. Now if only we could get some people to pay attention to this :cry: Maybe when Marlboro decides to get in on the action and have some printed up...maybe then it will finally push enough of the right buttons!!

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