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Please explain


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Hi Everyone, I have a question, what is the difference in nclc and sclc. I spoke with my primary care dr today and they told me that the dr told them that I had small cell. Am I doomed???????? Can they do treatment? Can they do surgery? Please any advise will be aprreciated.

Thanks, Nancy

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HI Nancy,

Its Tammy, unfortunately I don't know much about small cell since my dad has non-small cell. Make sure you double check with Hopkins and confirm it is small cell and then when you know for sure, post on the small cell board. They will know more about that particular cancer, I haven't done any research in that area. Thinking about you and praying for you and your family. Feel free to call anytime even if you just need to vent! Hang in there,


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I read your post and felt so sorry. No, you're not doomed. I am a 34 month SCLC survivor. Please when you see your dr. ask him in detail for your staging (limited or extensive) and what his exact game plan is for your continued "SURVIVAL". Make sure he knows you intend to Survive. Don't give up. and take someone with you to the appointiment so they can listen and take notes, because, like many others, you are too busy being upset to truly LISTEN. Remember, You're NOT DOOMED. You just need to have a plan to get better. Your dr. can help with that. Please read the postings under SCLC and you'll get alot of positive hope.


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Hi Nancy,

Well, I have had both nsclc and sclc. Small cell lung cancer is a more aggressive cancer but is more receptive to treatment (chemo, etc.) I am 5 years out from nsclc and have just finished treatment for the sclc and recent scans show NED (no evidence of disease). Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I will be praying for you.


Nancy B

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