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Chest film clear.....and


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That's right. My chest x-ray is clear. But that didn't tell them anything about the pain in my back and side so they ordered an MRI. That was not until late last night. We talked it over and decided to wait in Birmingham rather than driving home. So we spent from noon til almost 10pm at the hospital. It was worth it . The MRI results were called in this afternoon and they were Clear as well.

Now, the plan is, if the pain doesn't resolve on its own in the next two weeks they will order a PET/CT. That will rule out cancer for sure.

I felt like a dog when I saw all of the worried posts as I logged on. Just proves you guys are wonderful and caring. I knew that, but still brought a tear to my eye. Prayers do work. I am living proof. I will just take percocet and muscle relaxers for a few days and see if I can't get this thing to go away by itself.

I love all of you.


P.S. Betty, as soon as my side gets better, you can bet I will be doing that happy dance of yours. Hope you feel better soon.


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There you are sweetie!!! I was getting worried about you. So glad to hear that all is clear. So, are we assuming that maybe it's a pulled muscle from all of that coughing that you were doing? I hope so.......well, I mean I hate that you have a pulled muscle but it sure beats all of the fears you had. I hope that you are feeling better and pain free SOON!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~

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