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Hi all,

I have no idea if this is something that is going to be helpful to all those getting or thinking of getting Chemo or not.

But I heard it advertised that on WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with Peter Jennings airing TONIGHT there was a fast blip about getting only 2 needles as an alternative for Chemo.

Have no idea what it is about.. You may want to tune in and see.

Just wanted to pass this along.



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Well, I checked it out, and while it sounds VERY promising, I was left with many questions!

It is a LIQUID RADIATION! Unbelievably cool to think of -- it only takes a week of infusion, rather than months of daily radiation. It specifically targets the tumor, and unlike chemo, does not cause hair loss or nausea.

What they didn't mention, is whether or not you can have it after already undergoing "regular" radiation.

They also said it has been tested on non-hodkins lymphoma, and is going to be tested on ovarian and colon, but they didn't specifically mention lung, which stinks.

Overall though, it is amazing and I hope to learn more!

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I saw the show also. My biggest question is how does it go all through the veins like that and not affect anything except the tumors? How would the liquid radiation know what is a tumor and what isn't? Modern medicine, I guess! :shock:

Anyway, it sure did present itself as very hopeful. Said it was currently tested with "lymphoma". Is that the same as non-Hodkins, Hebbie?

It was very interesting.



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