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Hi all:

Just to remind everybody, I had lung surgery 2-1/2 months ago on my right lung, which was nsclc, stage l.

Right now I am very worried because the front of my left leg has been sore and painful for several days, and I didn't do anything to hurt it as far as I know. I am of course worried that it is cancer, like I worry about everything that hurts being cancer.

I has gum surgery a week or so ago, and dentist said had an infection and put me on antiobiotics, which I finished. The swelling seemed to go down but it is back now, just not as big.

Can you wonderful people give me some help and advice? Anyone else have things like this happen after lung surgery?



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Don't really know anything for sure, but aren't you due for a 3 month visit any time now? If you are, I'd mention the leg thing at that visit with the surgeon. By the way, I have some pain in my leg every once in a while and I just attribute it to walking on the treadmill pain or some other kind of moving around pain. My chest surgeon always wants to know if it's something I need to take pain medication for--I guess that's where he would begin further investigation.

As far as the swollen nodes thing, I'd check back with the dentist. That would be my first guess as to what's wrong there.

Get it checked out, but remember, there are many, many regular things that can cause pain in the leg and swollen nodes. We here are just conditioned to be stressed over this stuff.

Keep us posted, I'll be hoping for best possible news for you.


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Some months after having my left lung removed I had bad pains in my left leg,and it swelled up (ankles too).Went to ER and had it checked.They sent me home with a silly looking tight sock to wear.

My next 3 month checkup was about 4 to 6 weeks after that & they found a blood clot in remaining lung.

You really should have it checked out just to make sure it's nothing serious.In my case I was very lucky.

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Two things that need to be reinforced here:

Pain is bad.

Bleeding is bad.

When you have pain or bleeding, call your doctor. If it concerns you enough that you are losing sleep, call the doctor. If the pain is continous, call the doctor. If the pain comes and goes in the same place, call the doctor. If you are bleeding from anywhere, call the doctor - whether it's bright or dark blood.

My thought....hmmmm...I would call the doctor. Leg pain was something I was told to watch out for, along with fever, chills, PAIN, BLEEDING... Maybe you should call the doctor...


P.S. Call the doctor.

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I want to just add to what the others have said about getting to the doctor asap. I have had over 17 blood clots in my legs and know how serious that can be. (I have Factor V.)

Is there a red line at all or is it swollen?

Blood clots are treatable, but not good and can cause further complications. If I were you and you suspect it could be a blood clot, don't wait see a doctor or at least call your doctor immediately.

Please keep us updated.


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