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Tarceva update and esophagus update


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Saw the doctor today for Tarceva rash follow up........ he checked me out and said he thought the rash was tolerable and asked how I felt about it. I told him I wanted to stick it out, so we are staying on 100mg and I'll see him again in 4 weeks. The rash is mainly on my neck, torso and arms. my skin looks like a dried up piece of fruit. Plus it hurts. Other then that I have "tummy issues" every once in a while but things are pretty much tolerable. His other patients that he put on after me are doing well, I just love being the guinea pig for the office!

Also saw the doctor for esophagus follow up, seems my esophagus is back where it was before. We are gonna try it again on the 17th (hooray) and if we need to, one or two more times. He said there is a stint he can put in if the stretching doesn't work. Of course I went to take my pills tonight and got another one stuck, took about 30 minutes to go down. Maybe the third time is a charm!

That's the latest!

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My solo week has been rough, thank goodness my Mom has been here to fix dinner (when we weren't going to the drive thru) and help with things.

I sent my husband a card to his laptop that he has in his training class. Told him how much we missed him and appreciated everything he does for us. Hope it makes him feel good. He can't do much about my cancer or pain or problems but he sure does do a good job taking care of everything else!

Just gotta make it through tomorrow and he comes home on Saturday. I think I can get the energy pulled together to rush to the airport to pick him up, I'll even walk the mile (it seems that far) in the terminal to meet him!

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I am wondering if you can make friends with the pharmacist and gain some assistance in some ideas so that you can take your medicine without having to worry about asphixiating your poor little self. They he/she may have something up the sleeve that you can tolerate. Please call to ask. They learn these things in their pharm ed.

Cindi o'h

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