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Joel's visit with the Endocrinologist


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Hi all,

Just want to update you on Joel's visit to the Endo. doctor and why he has been feeling so bad.

He has been diagnosed with Graves disease, which is a type of hyperthyroidism. She diagnosed it Graves because there is a goiter in his neck that is somewhat swollen.

So now we know why after 6 weeks since the lobectomy, he is feeling the way he is. Absolutely, no energy, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, shaking hands, losing weight (lost 40 lbs.)

If it wasn't for the thyroid condition he would have been well back to himself, as he is pain free. At present no pain medication at all.

So now he has to go to the hospital on Monday and get scans. This is a 3 hour day. As the scans takes an hour, then we have to return 2 hours later for more scans.

Then we come back on Tuesday, where they will take 3 more pictures and then they will administer him a Radiation Iodine pill. This will kill the thyroid. Then it will become under active and then can cure it from there. They will give him a pill that will make it normal, but he will have to take the pill the rest of his life.

When he comes home on Tuesday, I can only be near him arms length but not for long. We have to sleep in separate beds. He has to used different dishes and utensils then mine, and has to be washed separately. If he uses paper plates and utensils they have to be put outside. He has to used different towels and has to scrub out the shower or tub after use. Has to flush the tolet twice, and sit while taking a pee.(I know that is more than what you wanted to know)

Not sure how long this segregation will last. Hopefully, not more than 3 days.

There is much more I am not going to keep going on. But the good news is that this is curable and he should start to feel some relief right away and it will take 2 to 3 weeks before be feels like himself.

One other good thing is that there is no side effects from the Radiation Pill.

So now we know why he has been feeling so lethargic. He can hardly walk the steps now.

Since I took him off that patch, his vomiting and nausea had stopped. So at least I got that under control. And he is eating. Not every meal but breakfast and something at dinner.

The Doctor felt so bad as he just had cancer and a lung operation and now this. Talk about bad timing. We just don't understand where this came from.

The hospital where he is getting the treatment was full until March. But the doc. said it was stat to get him in right away, so that is why he is going on Monday. She actually tried to get him in today and tomorrow, but couldn't.

So that is the update on Joel. He feels rotten but at least we know it is temporary.

Then when he finally gets to feeling good, he will have to go through chemo. Bummer.......

take care


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My goodness, Maryanne. I sure am glad you and he now know what to do about this. Poor guy! I'm wondering where he is going to get all the energy, though, to do all that work - wash out the shower, etc.

I am thrilled to hear that this can be cured. That sure is good news. Keep us posted how it goes next week.



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