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new avatar of newborn baby kitten


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If Cindi hadn't chimed in for this one, I think I'd have sent the cavalry up there for her! TOO cute! Of course at this stage, I'd have to take mama and the siblings too, and will NOT do that, but she sure is a cutie! I'm a sucker for kitties, at whatever age.

Thanks for sharing that great picture!


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oh my gosh! They are adorable! I am so jealous... I think this has to be such fun at your house.. how old are your girls? And I think it is so cool they got to be there for the births of these little teeny things.

That is so cute that they agree on the name..she just looks like a snickers candy bar.

I hope you have so much fun with them and get to find good homes for them. That little teenie one in the back is so cute too! When is momma going to feed them? Good kitty...she done good.

love, Cindi

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Oh my gosh! How cute! I have to tell you that I work for the company that makes Snickers Bars. We also make M&M's, Twix, 3 Musketeers and Mars Bars. The funny thing is that Mars also owns and manufactures Pedigree Dog Food, and Whiskas Cat food. At the Dog and Cat food plant in Vernon, Ca. we have several cats that roam around and are used to taste new foods and try out new products. They are named Snickers and Twix!

Have fun with you new babies. They are just precious!


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Cindi my girls are 18 and 14 and they did really enjoy getting to see the birth of the new babies. Just by chance my youngest was home from school and the mama cat is her baby so she was just thrilled.

Ellakc2 yes the one on the far right is orange & white with some light tiger stripes. The one up front has the most unique marking my daughter said it looks like a dalmation. It has perfect grey spots on its back and the tail is white up until the tip and then the tip is grey. :wink: I will change my avatar each week so you can all watch them grow up with me. :wink:

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