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Where is everyone?

Cindy RN

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Just a quick note to see how everyones 4th went. Mine was good. Also I am in chemo the next 3 days so I may not be around. Hope you all have a good week. Those of you (Katie, and others) who have test results coming make sure you post them. You are all in my prayers. :D:D:D

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We had a good one, and Lucie is doing more. She got two quilts together that she wanted to finish and is having a quilt shop do the finishing touches. Lucie has an MRI on her left upper thigh scheduled for Wednesday so we will need your prayers for that. We have a medical appointment every day this week except today, so we are celebrating not having to go anywhere! Don

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Dear Cindy,

Just wanted to send you a (((((((((CINDY))))))))) and let you know I'll be thinking about you during your chemo days! I sure hope it all goes well for you!!!! Our 4th was nice, busy, but nice! Tis the season to enjoy the OUTDOORS here in Minnesota!! Busy summer, but I sure do enjoy this time of year!! Wishing you WELL!!!

Don and Lucie, I'm sending my prayers your way as well. We'll be looking for you to post in the GOOD NEWS FORUM after Wednesdays appointment! (((((((((((((Lucie & Don)))))))))))

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hope your chemo goes well. I saw your posting in memory of your mother, I'm glad you had a good July 4th, may your mother rest in peace. Does lung cancer run in your family then? I'm only 29 but fear I will get lung cancer since my mother has it now. I quite smoking back in October when I became pregnant, but will probably live in fear forever that I too will be attacked by this disease. What a dreadful thing :evil:

My mom had her 3 month CT scan yesterday and finds out the results tomorrow. Once I find the results I will post again. Usually I go with my mom to her Onc appts, but she is going to be asking him some questions that I don't feel I can really hear right now. Usually I'm really strong and am the one to encourage her. But I don't like it when she asks him how much "time" she has left, to me its a self fulfilling prophecy and it upsets me when she does it. She'll be asking him more "time" questions tomorrow because she wants to know when to plan vacations. I understand they are logical and practical questions, but I don't want to hear it. I'm having a baby in the next two weeks and am afraid of becoming too depressed going into birth and don't want a major postpartum depression.

Man, I sure did post a depressing message here today. :? But, sometimes life is depressing. But there are many blessings to be counted, that's for sure.

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