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Finally feeling human again...


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Hi All,

Just thought I'd let you all know, I'm feeling much better. Fever is gone & I'm able to eat mild solid foods again. I went to my PCP & she had me feeling better within a few days. She found an infection in my intestines & lungs, gave me different antibiotics & some meds for the emphysema she also found. I feel human again. I'm finally going to get to meet my Great Nephew who was born on Jan 6th. I was afraid I might give him whatever I had. I'm also going to get to see my Grandmother who is 89 yrs old, again I was afraid of infecting her.

Thanks for all your prayers. They really work. The only disappointment is, ti looks like I may be stuck with my oncologist. All of the onc's on my HMO have either retired or work no where near my home. With me not driving, I can't ask family & friends to drive me to ten-buck-two for treatments & such. I'll tell you one thing though. If I'm sick for more than a few days & the onc isn't helping, I will definately hot foot it to my PCP!

Again - Thanks all,


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