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Well....it ain't the flu!


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Apparently, all my gastro problems.....this unsettled, sorta urpy tummy, no appetite, sore ribs thing.....is THYROID related!!

My PCP is convinced that's all that is causing this....NOT a virus...but my hyperthyroid state. He's again taken me off thyroid meds for a week or so...pending the new bloodwork he did on Thursday....and he gave me some samples of Nexium to try to ease the stomach acid. They sorta help...but it's only been two days.

This is strange. Most people who find their thyroid affected by chemo....end up hypo. I already WAS hypo, so in a strange way, maybe it makes sense that I'd go hyper again.

All I know for sure is that I'm REALLY SICK of having a sore gut and not being sure how what I eat is going to sit, once it arrives in my stomach....you know? :roll:

There are days I think I should just drink more. Anesthetize the old gut so it can feel no urpiness or discomfort. :wink: Cindy.....you still got that bar open? :D Tell me....do you serve the drinking woman's breakfast there? Vodka and Cocoa Puffs? 8)

Anyway....invest in Ginger Ale stock. I'm consuming a lot of it. My surgery has AGAIN been canceled....as I am not willing to go under the knife when my gut is already upset. I just had a scan on Jan. 3rd. so I'm not worried about this being anything more sinister....I just WANT IT TO GO AWAY!

Cripes, I felt better when I was being infused with chemo and getting my chest and brain toasted. Go figure. I survive cancer treatment and a quirky thyroid has me feel puny! :roll:

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Isn't "thyroid" becoming a common thing around here? How many of us are there, either hypo- or hyper-?? Need a bit of readjusting...

Here's hoping you get it all fixed, your surgery all done and back on the road to recovery. Darn pit stops, any way!

Take care, Addie!

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Addie, the bar is open 24/7... ususally it is for celebrations that we serve, but for you dear, vodka and cocoa puffs it is.. how do you want that? In a snifter or a hurricane? How about a franjeliko/coffee back?

Unreal that thyroid could be doing all of this...don't we miss our oncodoc? Who was that bugger that chased him off, anyway? Why I oughtta....!!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon, Addie.

Anyone else in the mood for cocoa puffs and vodka?

Cindi o'h

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Ok, now I have it. Just from reading "Cocoa Puffs & vodka." Yipes!

Addie, I hope you aren't too miserable, but this is the pits. Truly. I think I have some of that stomach upset now and then, but nothing constant like you've had. It was on my list to ask the PCP about when I see him the end of the month. I'll keep the thyroid in mind too, since I know I have 2 nodules on one gland that I have checked by ultrasound periodically.

Boy, if we're not learning strange things about our bodies now that we've gone through chemo and radiation and all the other stuff ... sheesh.

Like a friend of mine would say, "If it ain't cockroaches, it's p*ssants." :P

Get better, ok?


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One of my favorite authors is Nelson DeMille and one of the things I like about him is that I find myself laughing in the middle or murder and mayhem.

One of my favorite things about this site is that as lousy as this disease is most of us still have a sense of humor. Vodka and cocoa puffs, wow.

I hope you feel better pronto.

And being an obnoxious fan - GO EAGLES

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Ok, I know Miss Addie. We went through tx at the same time and she was the biggest non complainer ever born. So if she says she feels like crap, she must.

My guess:

Do you still have your gallbladder? If yes, get it checked. I just went through this w/ my sister who sounded too much like your symptoms. She also thought it was viral for weeks. Didnt have classic pain symptoms until the day they removed it. Spent weeks w/ very upset tummy after any meal. She was also weak, tired, weird blood counts and just not motivated.

Big Hugs,


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Hope your doc can get that thyroid issue under control soon. I'm working on mine too...from the hypo end...it's too weird.

Did your doc tell you that the imbalance was a result of chemo? I've not been told that officially, but I suspect it's happened because of some or all of the surgeries, general anesthesia, chemo, radiation, and on and on and on over the last few years. Have also read that it just comes on sometimes as you approach middle age.

Good luck.


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Hey, Addie!

Jen mentioned the "G" word, that's TWO votes for getting that checked out! I had ONE gall bladder attack, the weekend before my surgery. I decided that I NEVER wanted to have another!

I then remembered my ex-father-in-law having a gall bladder attack sixteen years ago and how he was sent by helicopter to U of M hospital because they thought he was having a MAJOR heart attack... It took the small town ER two hours to stabilize him to ship him out. My attack wasn't that bad, but it was all tummy pains and not something I want to do again. (I'd choose it over a lobectomy, but not over being hit by a beer truck!)

It's a function test to see if it's working, ultrasound to see if there's gall stones....

Good luck!

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I tried shopping therapy today, right after taking my little purple pill (Nexium) and IT HELPED! :wink: Bought me a new sewing machine. Parts were popping off my old one....which was pretty darn old. It will be donated somewhere where they can refurbish it.

Anyway....Jen...you are the second person to mention gall bladder....right after Becky mentioned it earlier today. Geez....I hope it's not that. I don't get the sore gut after eating, necessarily. It's there sometimes....and other times it's not there. What I eat seems to make no difference. Ginger ale helps when it's acting up.

And...my fatigue is getting better...the longer I'm off thyroid meds.....so there must be something to my doc's theory re: the thyroid. I'm gonna hope this works to correct things.....staying off the synthroid for now.

My female pooch had a birthday today....here she is celebrating being 4 with a "lounge" on the stairs:


And here she is just being cute :)


That's more fun than gall bladders and thyroid glands, right? 8) [/img]

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Glad you're enjoying the vodka/Cocoa Puffs joke. It's older'n the hills...and has stuck with me all these years, as little sounds more disgusting than cocoa floating around in vodka! Oy!! :shock:

It was presented, though....as "The drinking woman's breakfast".....so there you have it! :wink:

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