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Abdominal pain!


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Saw my PCP and he doesn't know what the deal is either. He said he gives up! :)

I have a chest CAT Scan scheduled for Thursday with a follow up appt with him on Monday the 14th. He said we are on a fact finding mission. Looking for fluid, PE, anything........... he said not to freak out yet. I think I'm just going to blow all this off and try to ignore it.

I can feel gurgling in my lung and he heard it today so maybe it's just fluid, again. I'll keep a close eye on the pain and if it gets bad run to the ER. That's all any of us can do.

When it rains.....it pours. I'm really willing for someone else to get all the attention! I am so willing to give up my hot seat!

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Gee honey, you have really had a rough time lately. I hope the pain is better and that you find out what the heck is going on soon. Like I told Dave and Karen. Waiting sucks big time..especially when you are feeling so badly. You are in my prayers girl. Get to feeling better ya hear?


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Hello friend! I was really hoping to hear better news, even gall bladder or SOMETHING they could pin down to at least identify what the cause of your pain is. I hate it when they say they give up - it makes you feel like they think it's all in your head or something similarly dumb :roll:

Is it your pcp ordering the Cat scan Thursday or something your onc wants? I hope your insurance company is still taking care of you - it scares me to read a post like the one on here who said the ins company isn't wanting to pay for her mom's hospitalization because they didn't find out what was wrong. Is that CRAZY or what? Because the medical experts can't find out what's wrong they want the patient to pay for it? It just leaves you shaking your head...

Anyhow, I hope you're finding some relief from the pain, and I agree with others who have said don't give up - MAKE them get to the bottom of it and find out what's causing pain strong enough to require a pain pill. Sending you healing thoughts....

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My PCP ordered the CAT Scan, he said we are on a fact finding mission. Check for fluid, pulmonary embolism and anything else that may be going on. Pain is no where near as bad as it was. Thanks goodness the insurance compant is still taking care of me, anyone who only charges me $20 for 100 Tarceva pills gets my vote!

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I can't believe I didn't see this thread...but I don't often check this forum

I've been having the upper abdominal discomfort for a month now. First, doc said a virus, then my thyroid...but it IS pancreatitis. He finally did the bloodwork which indicates that that's it.

I had an ultrasound yesterday and tomorrow morning am having a MRCP which is an MRI of the pancreas, bile ducts, liver, etc. I guess.

Beth, you need the amylase and lipase bloodwork done, for one thing. Your doc will know what else...but ASK him about pancreatitis. The two main causes of it are gall stones (easily detected with an ultrasound. I don't have any) or if someone is and has been a heavy drinker. Guess alcohol causes pancreatitis too.

There are other causes...certain meds can cause it. But you need to ask your doc about it because it can be serious.

Mine has been a mild case, apparently...in that I've not had any severe pain nor have I thrown up. But it's NOT been much fun having a sore, unsettled stomach for a month, either.

Please check this out again with your PCP....ask him about pancreatitis.

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