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I personally believe strongly in genetics. Charlie's aunt and grandfather had LC. His mother died of pancreatic and his grandmother of ovarian.

Also, there is a study going on currently of families that have a high incidence of LC, I think. And, some recent research has identified an area of genes that are effected. Check the LC News section from about 3 months ago...rough guess of when it came out in the news. Take care.

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I believe genetics has something to do with it. I have several family memebers that have had it. On my mother's side, 2 uncles and 1 aunt and my mom had stomach cancer and her mother had colon cancer. On my dad's side, one uncle died from it. I am going to beat it though. I made up my mind about that part. :)


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Steve's father died of lc. There is cancer on both of his parents' sides. Steve never smoked and has it, yet he has an older brother and sister who smoked constantly until a couple of years ago and they don't have lc. The kicker is that his brother and sister are both adopted and he is not. Seems like a pretty strong case for a genetic connection to me.

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