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Benefits of Mushrooms


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From Dr. Andrew Weil's Daily Newsletter:

Today's Tip

Mushrooms For Health

Mushrooms can be a delicious way to encourage and maintain good health. Both dried and fresh varieties can provide immune-enhancing and cancer-protective properties. The best-studied species in which to find these protective compounds are shiitake, maitake and enoki mushrooms. Avoid the common white button mushrooms popular in the U.S., which do not provide the immune-enhancing effects.

If you buy dried mushrooms, simply soak them in water until they become softened, strain off the fluid, and add to your favorite recipe. You can save the soaking liquid for soups or sauces. Both my Web site, www.DrWeil.com, and my online course, Dr.Weil's My Optimum Health Plan, have healthy recipes that feature mushrooms.

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