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Calling all Lima Beans-Dave's not empty headed yet

Remembering Dave

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Domestication of P. lunatus ( Lima Beans ) appears to have taken place twice. The earliest evidence for this domestication comes from a Peruvian archaeological site (Guitarrero Cave) where Lima Bean seeds were found from levels dating to 6500 BC, 1000 years earlier than P. vulgaris beans found at the same site and earlier than maize domestication. Sieva Bean, Butter Bean and Baby Lima Bean varieties originate from the second domestication which occurred in the brain of David C. probably in Guatemala although the earliest Neurological evidence is from Mexico For both domestications, the earliest archaeological evidence comes from sites that are beyond the present day range of wild P. lunatus suggesting that domestication did not begin in the brain where these beans are now situated.

Wild P. lunatus seeds have high levels of glucosides which break down to toxic hydrocyanic acid when the seeds are bruised or chewed. However, modern domesticated varieties, particularly those with white seeds, have minimal quantities and are not dangerous unless located in the brain. Cooking in boiling water also destroys the cyanogens, unfortunately a boiled brain is not an option for David C as his brain has been fried too many times in the past.

Now for straight talk from Karen:

I thought Dave might go home from the brain surgeon's office at the Big Impressive Cancer Center and post an update, but he probably went to sleep instead. So here I go. He can come in and update/correct me if necessary.

Dave's peas have grown to lima beans it seems. A little bit of growth on the peas, and alot of growth with the inflammation/swelling stuff. However, the brain surgeon says he's still not convinced it's tumor. He said it could be radiation damage continuing to grow. So, we wait six more weeks, do another brain MRI and then he'll decide (I hope :wink: ). He said if it is radiation damage, and it doesn't stop growing (which happens sometimes) the only way to get it out of there and stop growing is to cut it out. So if he has a growth of 20% or more in 6 weeks, we're looking at surgery. If he's got 50% more growth then we're looking at some real problems - obviously, he doesn't anticipate it growing that much in six more weeks, but the point is, we will have to do SOMETHING to stop it before it grows that much.

I know all this sounds pathetically iffy and not sure, but this guy knows what he's doing and of course expressed alot more opinion and expertise than what I'm repeating here. I'm pretty good at getting the gist of things but not collecting every bit of technical stuff in my noggin'.

Dave said, hey, why not just cut it out now and be done with it, but the good doc said he doesn't want to put Dave through that yet, why subject yourself to major surgery with a slight risk of death if the problem can correct itself with a little time?

Makes sense to me, although I started crying. I told him I guess I'm emotional because there are other things going on right now, my mom is fighting Stage IV colon cancer with new liver mets, etc., and I guess I was hoping for some definitive answers here to get this behind us. He was SURPRISINGLY empathetic and said it was only natural for me to feel this way, I have alot on my plate, and then explained how this damage in this part of Dave's brain is probably making him not feel very emotional, that is how it is affecting him, so most of the worry would be on me since he's not capable of it right now, from a physical standpoint.

of course I laughed and said, ha, that's the way it is normally! haha.

So, that's the update. we wait.

Karen C.

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Geez Karen,

So, it sounds like it's still hurry up and wait, huh?

You know, peas and lima beans have never brought out the emotions in me either. In fact, I am pretty apathetic over the whole lentil thing.

Hang in there. I am glad that you have confidence in your surgeon. That means so much.

Cindi o'h

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Gosh darn it! Karen, I can't even imagine what kind of torture this is on you and Dave's psyche. I know it would be making me one step short of crazy.

I know you have a tremendous amount of faith in this doctor, but what do you think about a second opinion? Did Dave have any new growths, and have they determined yet if this is one or two spots?

I know the right words to say are "hang in there", and I'm going to go ahead and say them, but I want you to know that with all my heart, I know how hard it must be. All you can do, sweetie, is "hang in there."

Love and prayers,


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It's definitely two peas. on the first scan they looked stuck together but on this one they're more separate looking. butno additional growths, just the original two looking a tiny bit bigger.

I think I am one step short of crazy. Dave isn't because the peas are affecting the emotional part of his brain. I'm jealous, LOL.

Have to see what Dave thinks about a second opinion, but I have no quarrel with the game plan, even though it is driving me nuts, I think it's pretty rational.


p.s. gotta tell this. there's an RV show this weekend in Richmond and Dave and I really want a new travel trailer. so the assistant came in and put the scans up on the screen and left the room and I said, they look bigger, they are bigger, you're going to have to have surgery, and Dave said, how soon do you think they'd do it and when is that RV show? haha, he wanted to make sure he didn't have surgery until we got to go to the RV show, LOL!

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So, if he starts acting strange - he'll be corny. With peas and lima beans and corn, you get succotash. :roll:

Thufferin thuccotath, as our cartoon buddies would say.

Doesn't sound like bad awful news to me, although I'm sure you hear it with different ears! Hang in there, Dave.

Ok, I'm leaving. And taking my dumb jokes with me. :oops:


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Karen and Dave,

Waiting is for the birds.

Although waiting when you can go to an RV show in the meanwhile is a mitigating factor...

Keep the faith, this thing will resolve in its own time, and the surgeon isn't in a hurry to cut apart Dave's brain without darned good reason.

It must be tough though if the peas are in a place that governs affect, tough on you and Faith. Dave ought to be able to compensate for this some now that he's aware of it. RIGHT DAVE?

I pray it is only a radiation artifact, and will turn itself around quickly and resolve.

Meanwhile, use howevermuch bubblegum and baling wire it takes to keep it together, Karen. You don't have the option of losing it.

Praying for God to give you strength to maintain,



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This news (and the "hurry up and wait again" thing) is making me crazy... I can only imagine what it's doing to y'all at C-Acres. Still, it's a lot better than some news we could have had, I know. "Hang in there" doesn't even seem reasonable, but it's all I know to say.


P.S. I have always had a particular hatred for lima beans.

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Hi Karen,

Well, here we go with that dreaded waiting game again. I was really hoping he would come up empty headed instead of having those horrible lima beans. Always hated lima bean, now I really know why.

I really hope things work out to your advantage, and its not as bad as might be anticipated.

Good luck, thinking of you both,


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I don't know how many times i went to doctors with my dad and left with more unanswered questions in my mind than I went in with. Frustrating!!! This included waiting and watching a possible mets. That had a good outcome and I so hope that waiting and watching for Dave also has a good outcome. I would like to see him a member of the Empty-Head Club!!

Gail P-M

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Karen and Dave,

Well all I can say is this sucks big time in my book. I pray it is from the radiation and that the inflamation and swelling go down quickly. Maybe he will feel better when that happens. I can see the doctors reasoning about not having surgery at this point but I am with Dave. I think I would want it out now myself.

Lima beans are not my favorite dish either. Maybe they will turn into beebee's the next scan and you can just forget about them. You have so much on your plate right now. I think of you often and pray for you to have strength. What with Faith's behavior problems and your mother and Dave, you have more than anyone should be asked to handle at one time. You must be a very strong person to do as well as you are.


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Karen, it sounds making sense not to do anything this moment with the slightly enlarged pea. Surgery is a big thing that may affect many things with lots of probable side effects. I think wait and see is a good decision although I know uncertainty brings a lot of anxieties.

You are definitely normal to cry out as you have really a lot of things on your plate. I definitely pray for your mom and Dave. Always in my prayers.

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by the way, Faith seems to be doing alot better and she hasn't even met with the child shrink yet, but we started an incentive chart for the morning and that really works, she takes great pride in putting those smiley face stickers next to the photo of the potty, panties, etc. she even carries the chart around with her in the morning like an instruction sheet. so now I am promising her smiley face stickers if she behaves at school. and if she fills up her chart every week with smiley faces she gets to eat out at IHOP with Daddy, which seems to currently be her favorite thing in the whole world. anyway, Dave isn't screaming anymore, he's really working on that, and the smiley face stickers are helping me be a stricter manager of Faith, so hopefully things will get and stay better with our little angel now. :twisted:

If only Dave were feeling better, I woke up this morning deciding to make the most of the six weeks, try to have some fun - but unfortunately Dave said his head hurts so much all the time he's just not up for much. bummer.


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I know you must be a bundle of nerves with all this waiting. Often, it seems to be this not knowing that's the really hard thing to deal with. I am praying for both of you and keeping my fingers crossed for great results when the next tests are done!!! Hang in there...if only by a thread!!!

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