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Alimta-scan results!!!


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Hi everybody,

I know this may not be the miracle that maybe everyone wants to hear, but we are headed to Cindi's Bar. STABLE is the word the doctor used for Mike's results today. After 2 months on Alimta, he is stable with some improvement. The CT scan of pelvic , abdomen and chest showed no new mets and the reading went further to detail each area. Previously, there were thickenings here and opacities there etc . etc. There is no indication of any new mets anywhere. The only concern at this point is his rash. He still has a bit of rash to the chest and a little on the face. The doc looked it up to get the grading on it to see if it was safe to give him chemo again today. His concern is of infection, but he decided that it was okay and Mike got chemo today.

If you read Mike's history, you will see that his cancer started 4 years ago. His recurrence was diagnosed first of last year. We are truly thankful that he continues to live free of pain and overall, his tumors are smaller than they were this time last year. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God... He is tired , but is able to find something to enjoy and love in life each day. He doesn't post here , but he knows so many of you and he sends prayers for all.

I know that there is a lot of interest in Alimta patients. If I can answer any questions, feel free to pm me. I'm not an authority and all cases are unique, but I will be happy to share any information that may help. We are family hereand I send our prayers to all :wink: Headed to Cindi's ........ :lol:

Lots of Love,


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Way to go Sue.... That is soooooo great.

You also bring hope to people who are using and maybe some who are thinking of starting Alimta. That is such encouraging news.

Clink those glasses for a toast to Sue and Mike.... Cindi, can do the honors, its her bar!! Yo, we need Tiny to whip up his special orgasma drink....


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Thank you for all your support , prayers and love. It means a lot . I know that several of you or your loved ones may soon be taking Alimta. I will do my best to keep everyone up on the latest .

Alimta is given every 3 weeks, the infusion time, total with premeds, is about 30 to 40 minutes.. About 20 for premeds (dexamethasone etc.) and about 15-20 for the Alimta. The dexamethasone is also taken the day before, of treatment and after. A vitamin b-12 shot is given before starting and repeated again about after about 6 weeks -was given on 3rd treatment again to Mike. Folic acid pills are taken daily. The side effects haven't been severe.... about 3 days constipation after treatment which is taken care of with Milk of Magnesia or whatever your doctor reccommends, the rash started to develop after the second treatment, on about the 3rd day after. It hasn't hurt or been itchy. Fatigue is a side effect, but doesn't that go with them all? He gets tired about 3 days after starting and it is at its worse for about 2 or 3 days . After the 2 or 3 days, he is tired , requiring a nap each day, but it improves as the time gets closer to the next treatment. So far, that has been Mike's experience with it. Will keep you informed if anything new develops .

love and prayers to everyone,


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