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Pop's is in the hospital ---update on the update


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Hi All,

Got a mid-afternoon message from my brother today, "Hi, give me a call when you can." Sooooooooo......I knew he was in the hospital. He went to the ER (was taken by his cohorts at the PD) because his lungs were burning so bad that the pain was unbearable. They gave him lots of morphine and apparently is "resting". They think (thus far) it was perpetuated by the sub-zero weather that he had to go out in (to write tickets). So he will have to wear a mask if he goes out in the frozen tundra. They will run more tests tomorrow. SO...asking for a few prayers so he can get out of that place (when all checks out okay)....Unfortunately I am not there to break him out (or shall I say "faciliate his release"...this isn't because of hopsital concern...... it is because paperwork moves at a snails pace).


The drama continues....my brother called me back because he had to give the hospital consent to take pops to the cath lab to do another angioplasty. We went through this before when I was home in January. They thought he was having a major heart attack but the angiogram showed no blockage. Well, they are doing another angiogram because they think there is blockage (yet again) or because of heart damage. Apparently he has elevated enzyme levels (??). His original Cardiologist just moved a few weeks ago so he has a new one. I can't imagine that in one month he would have blockage. Geez, he has had a pacemaker and pericardial window done within the last few months. The only thing left is a new heart!! I hate it that I am not there!!!!!


Update 2/8/2004 - 6:30 am

Apparently dad had a heart attack. They were able to do angioplasty so it spared him from a (another) bypass. They said he is doing well and will move him to a regular room later today. Don't know why they didn't see the blockage last month when they did an angiogram. Anyway, thanks for the prayers!! Will keep everyone posted.



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Heres hoping he goes home real soon. I am sorry you are so far away, but know that he knows you are thinking about him and missing him so much. He knows how lucky he is to have such a caring wonderful daughter.

Keep the faith,


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