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Calling all New Jersey-ites - Phone campaign for A2693


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I have recently been in touch with a woman who is taking great strides to push lung cancer to the forefront in NJ. She has asked for my help and I, in turn, am inlisting the help of you all. Please take the time to read this and let's do what we can to turn the tide on this disease...

She writes:

Heather - so glad to finally speak with you.

Thank you for agreeing to work with me in making A2693 law- A bill allocating $75,000 for lung cancer education in the state. It's not a lot of money but it is a beginning. The bill, at my persistance was voted out of the Assembly Health Committee and now needs to be put on the Assembly calendar for a vote. It was originally introduced by Assemblyman Manzo. I've been in contact with him and he could use our help.

If you would contact those you know and ask them to do one or all of the following (inundating members of the legislature does work):

Write emails, send letters and make phone calls initially to Assemblyman Albio Sires - speaker of the Assembly -

303 E. 58th Street, West New York, New Jersey 07093

Tel: 201-854-0900 Email - AsmSires@njleg.org


Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts, Jr - Majority Leader (he's in your neck of the woods) Brooklawn Shopping Plaza

Route 130 and Browning Rd. Brooklawn, NJ 08030

Tel - 856-742-7600 Email AsmRoberts@njleg.org

- asking them to put the bill on the calendar for a vote.

After the bill passes (I'm confident it will as long as it gets on the calendar) it goes to the Senate. If anyone you know has a relationship with their State Senator it's not too soon to reach out to them as well however an email effort, at this time is premature.

The Legislative website is www.njleg.state.nj.us - information on bills as well as specific legislators and their committees can be accessed via that site.

As I also mentioned to you I am planning for a conference in November, 2005 - at this stage in the planning, it is being geared toward primary care physicians and will offer continuing ed credits. Anyone who is interested in helping should contact me at the email address above or at 732-363-4426.

Together we will work to put lung cancer on the front burner where unfortunately it belongs. The idea is to - well you know the idea - we're on the same page.

Looking forward to working with you - and perhaps meeting some day soon

S. Levin

If anyone is interested in getting more involved than a simple e-mail, letter or telephone call, please feel free to PM me and I will get your information directly to Ms. Levin. Thanks!

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