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Guest randi817

Hi all,

Forgive me for posting this in multiple locations...

I feel sort of weird about doing this... but I'm hoping you all might be able to help me. I'm an occasional poster, major lurker here. IRL (In real life) I am a reporter, as some of you know, and I cover, among other things, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. One of the primary companies I cover is OSI Pharmaceuticals - a company here on Long Island that is developing Tarceva - one of the tumor-targeting drugs like Iressa that is currently in Phase III trials primarily for NSCLC.

I am currently undertaking a fairly extensive project to write about the company and the drug - and would like to connect with any patients and caregivers who have tried the drug/are on the drug/were on the drug/want to be on the drug. Basically I'm interested in putting a human side on lung cancer - and on this particular research effort/drug development effort. If you're interested, or know anyone who was on the drug or cared for anyone on the drug, or are still on Tarceva, I would love to talk to you. Please email me privately (randi.marshall@newsday.com) so as to not take up any more time on the list. And I PROMISE to let you all know when the stories come out - since I'm really hoping to focus in a bit on the disease and the potential treatments - and their limitations as well! :-(

Listowners - please forgive me for taking up the list with this message... I hope I'm not violating any rules - and I'm certainly not trying to sell anyone. Just looking for some advice or folks who might know more about this than I do, or would want to tell their stories!



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