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Lucie Update 02/10/05

Don Wood

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Mixed news. The CAT scan of the chest showed that the lymph nodes were stable, so no treatment is needed right now in that area. However, she does have a new lesion on the liver. The onc says this can probably be treated with a radiowave probe. He is checking into that.

We have decided to plan a short vacation -- a week's cruise around the Virgin Islands -- at the end of May. I think we need that, and it will be easy on Lucie. It is a small ship of about 150 passengers -- the size we both prefer.

Would appreciate all good thoughts and prayers our way. Don

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((((Don & Lucie))))

Mixed news indeed! I am sending prayers that all gets resolved and that you get to go on that cruise. A little R&R will go a long way towards making her feel better, and you too of course.

Don I want to thank you for your steadfast encouragement and support of the people on this forum. You are a wonderful amazing man, whom I admire very much for your great sense of humor and your steadfast support of Lucie and us all. Thanks



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Don & Lucie,

Lot's of prayers being said for Lucie. As far as the liver, it

is probably just a beneign cyst. RFA has been approved for

the liver. Lucie is a real strong person, our Lord has healed

her and we claim the healing for her. Enjoy thinking about and

making plans for your trip.

God Bless,


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