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Lucie Update 02/10/05

Don Wood

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Good news that the lymph nodes in the chest are stable, sorry to hear about the new liver met, it sounds like the Dr. already has a plan to blast that. The cruise sounds wonderful, reminds me how much we really need a little (life without cancer) vacation ourselves. I think I am going to look into something myself for this spring.

You and Lucie are always in my thoughts and prayers.


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Much of the time I lurk about and commiserate quietly or smile in appreciation of the humor and support from so many on this board, but I've noticed how supportive and positive you always are for so many, so I wanted to add my best wishes and prayers for Lucie, and for you, too. You are always so wonderful and compassionate to others, and I send the same to you.

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Just wanted you to know that you are the first person I check on when I come to this sight. Maybe its because we're both Texans. Or maybe I admire anyone over the age of my parents that can get on the internet. (My mom thinks a discussion board is something you hang on the wall and put thumbtacks in) I will pray that God will allow you and Lucie to have a wonderful time on your vacation.

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Don and Lucie-

Sorry to be late but be advised that the prayers have been updated. Your "liver quiver" indicates that the sense of humor is still perking along. The cruise sounds refreshing; small-boat cruises are charmers. Bruce and I took one to Alaska and had a terrific time. Enjoy!

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