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so far, so good


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Well friends,

I had the dreaded appt with my surgeon yesterday. We are still on the every three months plan for the first two years. It is a scary, scary time for me, and with the every three months cycle, it seems I barely settle down from one appointment to the next.

As the time winds down to the 2 year mark, it seems I get more and more upset with each upcoming appointment rather than more and more confident. He told me last time that, at least with my particular case, 90% of the time, if they are going to come back, they come back in the first two years. So, that two year mark is a big milestone to reach.

This time, it started about two weeks before yesterday's visit. I could just feel the tension all the time and it increased every day. I was a basketcase most of the time, blew up at work on more than one occasion, over nothing really except this appointment. By the time I left work on Tuesday, I was in tears with worry over all this. I told one of my coworkers after a meltdown about 10 days before my appointment that I thought I should just take the rest of the time off and come back after the appointment--there really isn't any reason to stick around and terrorize everyone I see. He talked me out of it, but I think next time, I'll just take the time off when I start feeling tense. I have some yardwork planned for this spring, and with all the nervous energy I have, it shouldn't be any trouble at all to use that off time before the next appt to dig out the bushes I don't want any more, divide and transplant a bunch of perenniels, you get the idea!!!!!!

Anyway, chest x-ray was clear, he wants to see me 4 months from now which will bring us really close to the two year mark, and then I advance to once a year visits!

I wanted you all to hear the good news .....you're always ready to help me out when I'm having troubles, and I sure do appreciate you all. I guess I'm a worrier anyway, and this is just a lot to worry about.

Thanks folks for listening, as always.


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I am glad your appt. went well. You may want to re-think that yard work thing. I am having visions of you ripping up every plant in sight. :shock:

I am so happy you are almost at the 2 year mark.

Now....where is our moderator Debi? She is AWOHP...I haven't seen her around.

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Boy Cindy,

That is just more good news. Congratulations. And I don't know a one of us that doesn't fret the scans and recall visits. It just comes with the territory...no matter what and no matter how much faith in God. It just is what it is.

Lots of good life to look forward to. And lots of he!! to wreakon your unsuspecting co-workers. I think it is all right as long as you tell them what is going on and that this will pass. Hopefully, they will be understanding.

Cindi o'h

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Great news. I have my next visit coming up in a couple of weeks. I know how nerve racking it is. I'm two months from my one year anniversary and I fret over every ache and pain. I used to always complain that life was going by too fast. Now I want it to SCREAM past until I've put a safe distance between myself and this thing. Then, I will want it to slow down!

Once again great news!

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well, while it is true that statistics don't reveal the whole truth and world, it is comforting at least a little to be on the good side of them. and i think it is more than just the two year thing. the longer it is with no recurrance the less likely a recurrance is.

just think, nearly two years. i hope you have used them well and make even better use of the next two.

love, ken

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Glad you got the good news. I know that sometimes when I'm under stress, it helps me to go to work to keep my mind busy and get away from the stress for a few minutes at a time, at least. But I do understand that you don't want to blow-up at co-workers. Are you on anti-anxiety meds? Perhaps, if not, you could take it shortly before scan time or increase it then?

Gail p-m

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Great news Cindy!!! I was just ready to go to bed, and I am reading your post last and it is so great to hear some good news.

Soon to be 2 years and counting!!!! I hope you can count to 100!!! :D

take care,


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Way to GO!!! I totally relate to the pre-scan jitters. I'm coming up on my 3-year anniversary and I'm making a list of all the little things that must surely herald the return of the beast that I need to address with my oncologist :oops: . I guess that is just human nature, but your news deserves some celebrating and flowers over the top of it all!

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