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18 Month Checkup


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2-04-05-My 18 month from surgery catscan shows no signs of reoccurence. I have had them every 3 months. This one was a little of 4 months. oing really well. So says the Oncologist. Just trouble with my stomach and the dreaded G.E.R.D. problem for most of us that have had a Pnuemonectomy.


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Wonderful news Doug. I'm glad to hear you are getting ct scans and not just xrays because recurrence can be missed in xrays. My hubby was getting ct scans at first after his pneumonectomy and then only xrays. His recurrence happened in the stump of the lung that was removed. It didn't show on xray. I'm telling you this because I want you to be sure and take charge of your follow up and not let a recurrence get out of hand. For now, celebrate... Happy for you...


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