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Finally accepted for clinical trial


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Hi all,

Well, I finally got accepted for a clinical trial. I start this coming Monday. This is a vaccine trial where the cells can either be your own or they can use donor cells. The cells are treated with Inteferon and given to you as a vaccine. I wish it were that easy. Actually, the treatments are quite involved. There is a chemo called Cytoxan that you get 2 days before the vaccine that is used to lower the number of white blood cells which block the immune response. Then the vaccine is given. It takes 2 hours to give as it is injected into the lymph channels of the foot and/or hand. Then, for 8 days after you receive a subcutaneous injection of Leukine which is used to protect

the bone marrow from the effects of chemotherapy as it stimulates both the number and activity of certain kinds of white blood cells.

It was explained to me that both this vaccine as well as the GVAX vaccine is basically designed to boost one's immune system. Anyway, this will probably work better for me because I won't have to go through another surgery which I would on the GAVX trial.

There are still openings in this clinical trial which is in Los Angeles. The GVAX trial in Sacramento is still opened too for anyone interested.

Thank you all for your support. I didn't want to post anything about this until I knew for sure. I love you all!



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