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Today is the two-year anniversary of my surgery. As of last scans, cancer free.

No magic switch was flipped, kinda like those special birthdays: 16, then 18, then 21 years old...just another day. Strange how you can build something up in your mind. Glad to be here, but the anxiety didn't disappear.

Next scans are in March....still get that feeling in the pit of my stomach even thinking about them.

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Congratulations are definitely in order for you. Not only are you clean from lc, but you have helped so many of us here on this board through your good humor, words of wisdom and sound encouragement. You are a born leader. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and cheering that you have done and for all the funny quips you provide. You are one in a million. I am truly grateful for your healing. (I get all jittery about March too even though I tell others to chill :wink: )

Cindi o'h

Yes ...the cabana bar is open today for you...what'll ya have?

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