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When I was first dx at Stage 1 I had a feeling that things would play out how they have............but I'm not giving up. I figure that the past chemo treatments were horrible and almost killed me and they didn't work.

Altima is supposed to not have side affects so it's gonna be easy this time and going to work.....I'll look back on this and say can you believe what I went through the first time and now look at me.

I met the infusion nurses at the doctor office and told them about my past treatments, they completely understand and said they would not leave my side, it makes me feel alot better. Having had an allergic reaction and my throat swelling and almost passing out.....you learn to appreciate those that can save your life.

I'm scared, mad, upset, overwhelmed and confused by this new dx. It's only been 4mths since last treatment and this crap is back!??! Makes you feel like you won't make it.

I am going to fight as long as I can and then my husband and mother will take over and fight for me. I see my surgeon on Tuesday to make sure that there are too many nodules to cut out. I want a surgeon to determine that there is nothing we can do.

I'm putting a lot of faith in Altima and have pulled all the information on Mary Crowley Medical. Calling social security on Monday and going to call Mary Crowley too and see what they have to say. If Altima should not work then maybe Mom and I can go to TX there is another place in NC (Not Duke) and I need to review all my responses and PM's here to see what you all suggest.

CharlieD, I'll be watching you closely to see how you are doing on Altima and hoping and praying.

I'll keep ya'll posted, won't be too much help right now, but will be calling on everyone for help. I can beat this time right? Even though it's back after only 4mths? In both lungs?! And God only knows where else? But my brain is NED! :?

Of course I can't breath for crap and my torso hurts....guess we know where the cancer is huh?! It kind of makes me a little ill to think I have this stuff eating away at me and I can't get it cut out. Gives me chills, ick! Wish we could cut it out, makes me fel like I have creepy crude.

I'm OK right now, I'll post when I'm falling apart (hopefully that will not happen).

Thanks everyone, I'll be around lurking, and try to remember the chat tonight!!!!!!

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Hi Beth.

It doesn't surprise me at all that it took you just this brief intermission to gather up you wits about you after that thorough punch in the gutt you got yesterday. You are one tough justakid and have a lot of fire and pizzazz left in you.

I am hoping that you will take a look at Dr. Joan Schiller again. Her name came up so many times in your thread yesterday. Just peek there.

I will say, that I consider you a blessed woman to be surrounded by the loving arms and support of your Mom and husband and the rest of your family. You are one special gal!

Anything that you need, you know that WE are all here, ready and willing to help in any way that WE can.

Lurk..and post too, when you can.

love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Beth!

Wow, I can not tell you how happy I am to read this post. Beth is back, and ready to fight. Boy, you get yourself together quick!

I have heard amazing things about Alitma. I hope you will breeze through the treatments with NO side effects. I have heard that it does produce a rash, but you're a pro at that by now. Piece of cake.

When will you start treatment? Is there any information that I can help you with regarding MD Anderson? While you're in Texas, you should at least check them out. I can't say enough good about them.

Glad to see you are in better spirits. I'm here with ya.....


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I'm so glad to hear you say you won't give up. I know it's hard and

scarey to say the least. I will be hoping and praying for you, for strength

and for the beast to die. Take care!

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I haven't been able to get you off my mind. I am so puzzled about those "nodules". I've wondered how big they are and how all of a sudden they were there. I have racked my brain , but I have to know that your doctors know what they are looking at. One thing I want you to know is Mike is on Alimta and has been on it since Dec. 6th . That is over 2 months now. His doctor just gave us the report this past Monday that it has kept his STABLE with some shrinkage. He is keeping him on it and he just got his 4th treatment this past Monday. The biggest problem he has had is fatigue. He does have a rash, but it's not bad. Please feel free to email me or pm me to ask anything you would like or to just scream , yell ... anything.. I can handle it.. :wink: Know that you are loved and you are in our prayers.


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I'm really glad you're taking an agressive stance with this, and that you're thinking of contacting Mary Crowley. You are in my thoughts all the time, and I'm hoping for all good things for you. Go where you need to go to get the treatment you need. If it ever brings you to the Chicago area, I'm here to help.


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My mom was on Alimta with virtually no side effects other than typical fatigue. However, it didn't work for her, so the fatigue may be from disease progression.

You will be well-monitored because of your past history of reactions, I'm sure. But relax about the Alimta, this one's gonna work!


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Hi Beth,

So glad you posted to let everyone that you have come to terms with this. I know in my heart that you will get through this.

Faith can move mountains, and you have so many loving people around lyou. Your family and friends, and all your friends here all have faith in you.

That mountain is going to move!!


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This disease can be so heartbreaking, I'm happy to see you fighting to get this crap out of your body. I enjoy reading your posts, that humor you manage to hold onto despite the fear is so inspirational. Praying this Alimta does it's job and you get back on your feet soon.


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