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Cancer Center of America


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I am sure people have come across this before me but since Monday is the tell all about what treatments have done for my mom I have been rather stressed.

Cancer Center of America speacilizes in Lung Cancer stages 3 and 4 and are located in Ill. I called sounded like a great back up plan for my mom if the results are not good on Monday. (Which they will be). If insurance works with them then they will pay for airfare and travel expenses.

Any one been there? Done that? Good, Bad or Indifferent thoughts?



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Just wanted to wish you well for the results! I have no experience with Cancer Center of America, so I cannot comment.

Are we related? I do the same thing worry for each scan, anticipate the next step jsut in case :)

Do you have a surgeon lined up you like and trust assuming there is a green light for surgery? Ask if they do it minimally i nvasive. My mom was out of the hospital in 3 days! Surgery was late on a Thurs (waiting and waiting all day, finally went in at 4pm) and she was home SUn afternoon

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Heidi! I have awesome news for you! My mom was dianosed almost FIVE years ago, stage 3b, (in April) and went to CTCA and has done wonderful for well over four years! We're just now experiencing a small set back.. A PET scan last month revealed a few lit up lymph nodes. So.. she'll be getting treatment again soon. We use the one in Tulsa and it's a wonderful place. I just can't tell you enough how awesome the people are. They treat you in every way possible, physically, mentally, spiritually... and you're not just a number, they treat you like you're the only patient they have. They teach you how to eat right and feed you spiritually too. They're always positive. keep the faith! you're in my prayers.

let me know if you have any questions.

God bless you!


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