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Vocal Cord Surgery a Success!


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally had my paralyzed vocal cord operated on this past week. They implanted a disk into the vocal cord which makes it vibrate again. The operation was a complete success. Throat is a bit sore still but managable in comparison to what I have been through prior to this surgery.

Let me tell you it has been a rather weird experience. Since the vocal cord is vibrating with this implant, I make all kinds of weird noises all by my self - on accident- A squeek here, a squwach there...... Seems I need to learn how to breath and talk again differently?

I had hoped to come out of the surgery with Whitney Houston's voice....not a bunch of squacking (tee-hee-hee).

Oh well, I will let you know in a few weeks what I end up sounding like.

Cheers to another medical miracle - Thyroplasty.


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Wendy, So glad to hear from you and that the surgery was such a success, who cares if its Whitney, just a good Wendy voice is great... I went to the Ent myself over my hoarsness, he said my left vocal cord wis paralazed, and as been probably since the mediasinoscopy. But I really felt like I got my voice back last year, so I am not sure I believe that totally., anyway, I still have a squeaky, sometimes weak voice, and a sore throat when strained. I asked about your procedure for myself, he said I had a good right vocal cord that was working well, so I was not a candiate. however Did you have trouble coughing up stuff, and sometimes a tickle in the throat that darn near chokes you? I have been thinking about you glad you had a sucessful one...gina

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