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Joel progress with the thyroid radioactive pill


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Hi All,

Have not wanted to post as so much has been going on with Beth and Addie. :cry: I have really been busy reading over all the posts and giving feeback when I could.

Joel had that radioactive pill given to him Tuesday. It is now Saturday, and there has been quite an improvement. Not as much as he would like, but I see such a dfference from last weekend. His appitite is much improved and he is getting less fatigued. :D

The Endocrinologist called to see how he was doing and said that it would take a good week for him to feel better, which would be this coming Tuesday. She also said that his T levels were very high. :shock: So at least we know the reason for the weight loss, nervousness, accelerated heart rate, insomnia and oh that horrible fatigue. He felt like his life force little by little was being drawn from him. But that is going to change. :mrgreen:

I can't wait for him to start to feel like himself again. He would have come through the surgery fine, if it wasn't for that horrible pain patch that made him so sick, and then being diagnoised with the hyperthyroidism during his recooperaton from the operation.

But thank G-d it is not the cancer and hyperthyroidism is treatable, and hopefully this time next week he will be more like the wonderful man I know and love and will gain some of his control and independence back.

Take care all, and I will keep you posted.

Love ya guys, 8)


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Being hyperthyroid can really mess you up....so I'm happy that Joel's is being treated and he's feeling better now. Once it really gets into his system, he and you will probably notice a marked difference.

Sending good thoughts his and your way, for feeling good again!! :wink:

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Sounds like good news. It is so hard to have patients however. It will take time for him to get back to "normal", get his weight back on, strength built up, etc. Good to hear he's headed in the right direction! Donna G

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