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Cubans and Cigars


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Just saw a report on TV regarding Cuba banning cigar smoking in all public places. It is a $200 million dollar a year industry there. It is deeply, deeply engrained in their culture. Fidel gave it up in the 80's per doctor orders. They said he said the best thing you can do with a box of cigars is give it to your enemy. They even had a Cuban oncologist on the show, and all he said was about half of the dr.s he knows still smoke cigars. (i've read that smoking a cigar is the equivalent of smoking at least 4 cigarettes).

I wonder about this report. I feel it really was just a filler - inner when it could have been used as an educational tool. Not once, not once was the words lung cancer even mentioned. No statistics, no reason given for the ban, except for "public health" reasons. Why bother to show this on a major network tv show, when they could have done so much more and made it a true example of what cigars do to people. I am just amazed that "Lung Cancer" was never mentioned - even with regard to what the death rate of lung cancer truly is in Cuba. (but then again, that is such a closed country, in a way i'm not surprised.) I am just disgusted once again at what we are and are not told by the media. Boy, what a rotten week this was, in many ways. Hope next week is better for everyone here.


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