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I am a little worried

Remembering Dave

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this is Karen. I have to correct myself. Dave told me today he's not scared, he's worried. so i'm not scared now either, just REALLY worried.

he had head and chest ct scans today. he talked to the nurse practitioner at the onco doc office and she called and ordered full body ct, to check for blood clots. that's a nice idea, but we don't think blood clots is the problem. but they also drew blood to test his sodium level. anyway, he goes back in the morning for the rest of his body to be scanned. they couldn't finish by 5:00 and he wanted to be outta there by then to pick up Faith 'cause I was home sick. and, it's Valentines Day, after all!

and on Wednesday he gets a PET scan.

Shellie, love your cramps joke. haha. but unfortunately he's like permanent pms these days.

sure hope he's OK. I just want HIM back again, so we can get a new trailer and go camping! and take Beth and her family with us.

Karen '

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Hoping all the scans and bloodwork come out just fine!

I forgot to mention that hubby and MIL both have arthritis, which is part of why they get the leg cramps I think. And in hubby's case, it's also muscular. If he's done a lot of yard work or something, he's more apt to get the cramps.

But a simple combo of cal/mag/zinc from the drug store has worked better than anything....so if Dave continues to have unexplained leg cramps (and you KNOW his sodium levels are okay)....tell him to ASK HIS DOCTOR about taking cal/mag/zinc!

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