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First treatment tomorrow


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Sending good thoughts your way...and I'm sure you'll do fine. Lots of good advice here already....but it's not as bad as we often fear in advance. Mouse was right with "listen to your body". You will get tired...especially with chemo AND radiation at the same time. Don't fight it. Rest or nap when you need to.

I'm a veteran night owl...up every night reading, on the computer, watching t.v. till midnight at least. If a book is REALLY good...I'd read till 2: am.

Sure didn't do that during treatment!! Often in bed 9:30-ish and asleep by 10:30-11: which is EARLY for me!! Some really fatigued days, I spent all day in my jammies, mostly in bed dozing.

Try to get your protein and stay hydrated too. Lots of water. Talk to the nurses for their input but I drank no less that 1.5 liters of water daily. Keeps the kidneys and such flushed out of all those toxins being infused IN.

Keep us posted. Probably at least ONE someone here has experienced anything and everything YOU will! :wink:

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