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The Bar is OPEN

cindi o'h

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Happy Valentine's Day all you lovers...

Today, we are giving out a beautiful assortment of flowers that have been shipped in from all over the world. If it is your heart's desire, then I am sure to have it here.

Also, I have a wide range of assorted chocolates from every candymaker..

So. Today all customers who come to the bar will be taking home flowers and chocolates..

Tell me...what are your to die for chocolates? And what is your favorite bouquet?

I will take home a box of Schmitt's Truffles assorted... and a huge bouquet of pink varigated Stargazer Lilies..overflowing in from a tall round clear vase... tied up with a pink and green silk ribbon.

And I will be sipping on a creme de menthe this morning to help settle my tummy from sneaking too many bon bons.

Cindi o'h

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I'm easy........just pass me a Snicker's bar and I'll take a glass of red wine. I usually don't drink........I just don't care for the taste, but my hubby took me out Saturday night for a WONDERFUL Valentine's dinner. The dinner came with a complimentary glass of wine. I thought, hmmmm what the heck. It was GOOD!! A good friend of mine works there part time and she was working. I asked her if she could sneak me a 2nd glass of that wine. She did...........ahhhh..........that's the most relaxed I've been in ages!!! As for the flowers..........hmmmmmmmmm...........how about some yellow roses???

Keep the bar open..........it'll take me a while to get there, but I'm on my way baby!!!!!!


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Hey Cindi, Stock up on 3 Musketeers Bars. I have never had any wine or any alcohol but if Angie says the Red Wine is OK then I might try a glass. I am sure all your flowers are pretty so don't leave the scissors out or I might start cutting. By the way, can you muster up a small Dogwood tree? Make it pink if you can. I promise I won't cut it with the scissors altho I might sneak it out to my car!!!!!!

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Hey Cindi,

Flowers would be carnations - mixed bouquet. No roses here, my cat Felix eats them for breakfast! :twisted:

Drinks, it's been so long that anything I try may put me over the edge, but how about a pina colada on a tranquil beach in the carribean daydreaming...... Oh sorry I let it get away from me.

Cheers everyone,


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My favorite flowers are Orchids......and my favorite chocolates are from Leonidas from Belgium. You can only buy them in Europe, one store in the Bay Area and a place in New York City. Good thing or else I would weigh 200 lbs!!


Since I only get those chocolates once in awhile I will settle for a good quality dark chocolate bar......okay okay......I'll eat pretty much anything sweet. It isn't my fault....pops is a chocoholic. I swear the only thing that kept him alive during the initial treatment was chocolate.

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I got my favorites today.....a huge vase of white daisies, sent by my cyber-team of women who are SO incredible. Remember they gave me a silver charm bracelet when I was originally dx'd? I am so lucky to have them be my "team". 8)

Of late, ginger ale has been my drink of choice...along with water. But if my ol' gut was feeling real good, it'd be a toss up between vanilla vodka, splash of ginger ale with grape juice (a vanilla Transfusion).....OR a big ol' honking glass of Baileys on the rocks!

Cindi the place looks great and I love it that you have the Beach Boys on the jukebox!! :D

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