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Dear Beth

First let me take a minute to say I am sorry. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to respond to this latest news (other than a short PM). I am the worst at taking advantage of the old saying, "when you cannot say anything good, then dont say any thing at all" Its so much easier not to say anything when you do not know what to say.

I wish I had the magic words that would perk you right up. I can only offer my friendship and support to you, which seems like so little. I can not imagine how you are feeling, as I know what this has done to me just thinking of you. And Addie. I will never understand God's purpose for this.

I can only add to what the others have said about checking in to all of your options. There are many and I know this in itself must be overwhelming to you. I realize you need to do "something" ASAP as this seems to be getting out of control, but I have just heard of so many new trials and things like the vaccine. You are not the norm as we have all seen, and I think its gonna take something outta the ordinary for you. Its out there, we have to just find it. Hopefully it will be Almita.I know there are onc's who do nothing but Lung Cancer. I always kinda wished Mom had one of these.

You are an incredible strong woman you can handle this. Get out you boxing gloves or if you have none I will send you some!!!

You are in my thoughts constantly.



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PRAYING for you!!! DON'T give up. It may read bad, but it's doctor's gobbledygook and we know they (some of them, sometimes) like to hear themselves talk... er... write... er... whatever. It sounds as if you are awfulizing to the Nth degree. If you need to do that to hit back extra hard... (sometimes innitial awfulizing is my strategy) then get through it and get to kicking butt as soon as you can.

It's NOT a death certificate. You have LIFE to live, and breath in your body NOW.

We're praying!

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You and Addie continue to be in my prayers as you find out the details, deal with the emotions and get set to blast this with all you can muster. I would love to see the picture with your son's "survivor buff" ... very appropriate. You and many people on this board are an inspiration to me and just know that I am rooting for you big time.

Hugs coming your way.

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Dear Beth,

Add my thoughts and prayers to all the others AND my encouragement to hang in there and keep on fighting. I really can't add much more -- everyone else has said it -- but I, like all the rest, am behind you. Don't give up -- get some really informed answers from your docs and then make the decisions about which ways you'll fight and beat this da___d thing!

Many hugs,


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I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. You are always on my mind and in my prayers though. This disease is full of ups and downs. Just keep in mind that the downs are always followed by the ups! I know how hard it is to "gear-up" for another treatment and I'm definately wishing you didn't have to be tortured anymore. But Alitma may be your magic bullet, then you will be back on the "up" swing.

Let us know how you are doing, and remember how many are here to support you.


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