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Got my Scan results


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Didn't get to talk to My Dr after my Radioligy reports were faxed to me.

Understood most of it but will probably call the Doc. tommorrow.

But the important part is that all is stable.

The report showed a small right pleural effusion, and an Ill-defined parenchymal opacities within the right upper lobe. It says it may be related to surgery or radiation therapy, and continued followup examination and imaging is recommended documenting stability or resolution of this finding.

I'm not sure if I should have anything done for the pleural effusion.

Plus I don't know what to think about the parenchymal opacities.

Any advise from anyone.

It's just been 6 months since surgery and 1 month since last chemo. With the mets to the lymph nodes I'm scared, not knowing what the next tests will show. Of course all of you know what I'm saying. You've all been there or are there now.

I'm so glad that I found all of you. Any help is appreciated.

God Bless all of you.


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Hi Barb:

I don't know what to make of parenchymal opacities either. I had them described in my recent ct scan. Then when I had a PET scan, it showed uptake in the corresponding area. A good bet for you though is radiation scarring.

The important thing though, is the good news that you are stable. Just hang on to that.

Don M

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Hi Barb...

Congratulations are in order here. I am no doctor, but I have read enough radiology reports and listened hard enough to the oncologist to know that what you are holding in your shaky little hand is equal to winning the lottery...!!

I say you get over to Cindi's bar and pick out some nice flowers, chocolates, and while you are there I will toast to your victory!! (I will buy you one)

Now get over there..

(The opacity is probably radiation changes in the lung....where the tumor used to be)

Not to worry about a small peri effusion.. it will probably resolve on its own. If you develop shortness of breath, though, it may be growing and would be cause to have it checked again with a simple chest xray.

See you over!

Cindi o'h

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Barb- Sounds like a winner to me too. If you have questions about the report, get your ONC to go over the actual film with you. He is the one treating the cancer not the radiologist. Agree with Cindi on the small pleural effusion. Not much of a problem unless it effects your breathing. They should keep an eye on it and if it continues to build, treat the cause of the effusion and drain it as needed. Congrats. Off to Cindi's Bistro for a toddy. Ya deserve it. Good luck and God Bless.


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