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Here's My Dr.!!!!!


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I bought this puppet in a flea market in December. The second I saw it, I thought "That's MY DR" I had to have it! He had been outside for a while so I took him home, washed and ironed the coat, steamed the pants, combed the hair and had to do minor surgery on his hand. It was like my December project. But something still wasn't right - ah hah - he needed glasses for the complete look! I went back to the flea market, found the man who made him and told him my story and why I so desperately needed glasses for the complete look. I had the glasses the next day. So to complete the whole look he had to have a good bottle of champagne! Well, I gave it to him in December, he laughed and seemed a little amazed and dazed by the whole thing. Today, when he gave me such great news he immediately said the Dr. is doing fine on his shelf in the office - people walk by and do a double take - look at him - look at the doll and then he says, "it's ok, it looks like me." Apparently it made a great sensation at the Center. He says the" Dr. is overseeing everything."

My great news today really made my day. But I was also happy that I gave him something to make him laugh. I can't image having a harder job then he has. Cancer doctors surely need a good laugh, especially when they've saved your life. So just thought I'd pass this on.

Thank you God for my great doctor and all the great doctors we have.



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