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Thinking of you Addie


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Thanks to all of you!! The biopsy wasn't painful at all. It was only afterwards, as the local started to wear off....it was sorta hard to get a full breath. Nurse gave me two regular Tylenol...and that did the trick.

No driving today and no heavy lifting, etc, for a couple of days. You guys know the drill. I told Paul, "Aw heck....there goes all the fun I had planned for tomorrow on the fork lift!!" :D

Anyway, the really good news....at least I think it is.....is that Dr. S. only sees 4 mets in my liver. The biggest one though is about 4 cm. Think that's the one he biopsied. I was told before, "several" so had visions of being riddled with mets. Also, he didn't get a real good look at the pancreas with the U/S but when I asked how many mets he could see in the pancreas...he said, "It just looks enlarged"!!

I will get a copy later of the MRCP I had done on Friday....and the pathology on the biopsy MAY be back tomorrow afternoon or Thurs. morning. Then my onc will decide which chemo cocktail...and I assume I'll start Monday.

Meanwhile....it still takes a little effort to catch a full breath. Have to sit up REAL straight....or lie down.

I'm sitting up straight at the moment. Anyone wanna start a pool on how long it is before I'm lying down? :wink:

See ya....and thanks so much for all the good thoughts and prayers. My mood is better today. Only four. I really thought it was a lot worse than than. I can handle four mets....right? 8)

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Miss Addie,

I think you can handle just about anything. I definitely would not want to be something in your way....visions of beer trucks with squealing tires....

Enlarged pancreas....not great news, but good news considering! YES!

Four mets...not met-swiss cheese...that also is good news with the visions that were dancing.

Here for you any time, Addie. Call me if you need someone to talk to, I'll share stories of puppies, boys and mud anytime! (...and if I'm REALLY feeling generous, I'll share stories of "Mom in the mud", too!)

Take care, you are always in my thoughts and discussions with The Big Guy.

Love to you,


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Dear Addie,

I too was thinking of you and checking the forum from time to time today. Sounds a bit more reassuring; what are four little mets, after all? You can handle those!

Get some rest, recover from that biopsy, and get back into the fight. We're all backing you!


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Perhaps it was the lidocaine. It struck me a while ago that Doc S was just dealing with the right lobe of my liver. So....I guess there could be mets on the other side too, that didn't get included in those four he mentioned.

Oh well...I'll worry about those later. For now, I've got my hands full with a sore side and trying to get in some nice, deep breaths. Got the Tylenol by my bedside and am headed off to sleep.

Thanks again to all for your support. At least a bit of my humor returned today....and that can't be all bad. :wink:

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