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Afternoon everyone,

As most I'm concerned and scared about what is next in my future health. I had a wedge resection two weeks ago. Pathology confirmed the tumor removed (2.2 cm) was adno carcinoma, 1b and I was tyold this is a very aggressive form? March 6th I'm scheduled begin chemotherapy.I was told I would get 4 cycles of carboplatin and taxol. What should I expect as a normal reaction to the treatment. How effective is it? I'm also scheduled for a CTscan in August.

Thanks for any information


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Bruce, I did that chemo combo for 7 rounds while getting 35 radiation treatments at the same time.It was hard to do for me but it was doable and has kept me stable for a year now.

I had thinning of hair (didn't lose hair). I was sick at my stomach a lot & had diarea.I think the worse was being very tired all the time (slept a lot ).

I also had a bad allergic reaction to the platin(i think).I have also had trouble with my veins,(hard for nurse to find em,next time I'll get a port put in).

I've also had trouble with my blood being too thick (now on thinner) and I ended up going on oxygen (which is getting slowly better).

Don't let this scare you if I had to do it over again I would.I only have 1 lung left and it is damaged now,but I still do yardwork,hunt,fish,play golf and other activities I just go at everything a lot slower now.


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Hi Bruce and a big welcome to you!

Please dont' let this be the only time you post. We need all the good survivor stories we can get and all of the good support we can give and get from each other...

You, my friend, although it may not seem to you right now...are one of the "lucky" ones. In the early stages of lung cancer, it is not only survivable, but also curable!! Think about that!!

The carbo and taxol have helped a lot of people to stave off any spread of the cancer. I wasn't lucky enough to have my lung operated on as my cancer had already spread outside my lung, but, like Frank, I had the weekly taxol and carbo regimen along with 8 weeks of daily radiation. Then I had some more "big" doses of chemos about 3 weeks apart after that.

I did lose all of my hair from the chemos. That was okay. It was just a reminder that I will never shave my head just for the fun of it... I look much better with hair. I don't have a Melissa Etheridge pretty head!!

I felt sick. Really sick. And tired. I didn't throw up. I would get the sweats and I was cold alot. And I just felt sick and tired. I just wanted to lay quietly and wait for time to pass...which it did. I fished the whole time I went through the chemo though. I found what joy I could in each day. And when I was pooped I just waited it out. Usually, the chemo would hit me about the second day after...then the worst of it would last about a day and then I would start to feel a little better each day until it was time for the next one.

There are other side effects of the chemo. I hope that your doc and nurses keep you appraised of the "what ifs". There are lots of things that "can" happen, but not everyone gets them. Everyone is different. According to my doc, I handled the chemo, "Remarkably well"...I would beg to differ with him, but either he is a con man or I wasn't a good communicator.

Like Frank said, It IS doable...

keep us posted on how treatment does go for you. We are a pretty good group as far as experience is concerned and can help you along the way with side effects..when to call the doc, when to go to the ED, when to eat, what to eat and all that.

Hang in there Bruce. And again. Welcome...

ps . hope I didn't scare you. It is what it is. Go forward and fight with all your might!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Bruce,

I had taxol and carboplain over a yr. ago and I'm still here. Did good.

My question to you is why are they waiting until August for the ct scan? When are you starting your treatment? Good luck to you.

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Hi Bruce,

I had the chemo also. 6weekly along with 33 radiation, then 2 more chemo (much stronger than the first 6) treatments. I handled the chemo well, with the help of Kytril for nausia. The radiation set me back some.

I did loose my hair withthe last two chemo's, made me very tired, but all in all was doable. My bloodcount even stayed fairly good.

By the way my treatments started 4 weeks after my lung surgery.

God Bless you.

Barb :lol:

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Hi Bruce,

My husband, Mike had Carbo and Taxol last February for 3 treatments. His reactions were tiredness, hairloss and slight tingling of finger tips. As for effectiveness as a follow up after surgery, I can tell you about a friend of ours. She had the same combo of chemotherapy before having her lung removed 4 years ago and she has had no recurrence. The jury is still out on this , as far as I know, but I think there are studies that indicate it makes a difference. Whether it would have made a difference if my husband had gone through the treatments then, we will never know. I just know that I would reccommend it to anyone who asks . None of this is scientific information, just my personal observations. I hope it helps.


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Hi Bruce,

I had 4 rounds of the Carbo/Taxol mix and I was very tired through the whole time and for quite awhile after I finished in December. Lost all of my hair and got sick but I'm not sorry I did it. I had stage 1A adenoincarcinoma and my doctor feels very confident that I will beat this stuff. I still feel weak and am wondering when I'll get more strength back.

As far as aggressiveness I haven't heard one way or another about adeno

but I am trying my hardest to keep a positive attitude. I know it's hard but do try and know you have all of us praying for you.

Good luck


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Hi Bruce,

My husband was operated and he was dx. with adren 1B and had a lobectomy upper left lung on Dec. 15, there were complications but thats another story, (read profile at bottom) He is doing much better now.

He will also be getting carbo/toxel. His treatments will be 4, 3 weeks apart. Each session takes about 5 hours, so be prepared for that.

I was told by many people here that you will not feel sick after. The initial treatment, but it most likely it will come on anywhere from 2 to 5 days after the You may feel fatigue, neausea and maybe have pain in your legs. this can last up to 5 days, then you will start to feel better and then better each day. You will not feel sick the whole 3 weeks!! Then you will have your next treatment, and it will start over again.

Some people lose their hair, some don't and some just have it thinned. Some have neausea (there are pills to help that) and some don't. So you see everyone is different.

Some doctors want to put a port in some will just use your veins if you have good veins. We are opting for the veins.

Joel, has not had chemo yet, but Iam confident when he gains weight and feels less fatigued they will schedule his treatments.

Good luck, you are very very fortunate to have been diagnoised with 1A, which is very curable. You made the right decision to have adjuntive (preventive) chemo.

Good luck,


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congrats on being a surgery candidate.

you are likely a strong block. i am just starting carboplatin/gemzar some 80 after surgery by way of thoracotomy. i just quit the vicodin for the chest lung and back pain.

i don't think i would have liked starting chemo much before i had a chance to recover from the surgery but then there are many ways to skin a cat!

best of luck with your treatment!

love, ken

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Hi Bruce and Welcome

I can't respond to any chemo information as my cancer was discovered at a very early stage and it was decided after my wedge resection 8 weeks ago to not do chemo or radiation . Those of us who are elgible for the surgery are fortunate for the early diagnosis and that we had the health to have the surgery. There are many here that can give you insight as to the road ahead for you.

Eight weeks away from the surgery I am doing pretty well but it takes time to feel somewhat normal. I remember at two weeks I too wondered what the future held for me in respects to my health. I agree with many that we establish a new normal. Just recovering from the surgery is a task in itself let alone chemo when you still already don't feel well.

Hang in there and come here for support often.


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