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Dave might have a liver met

Remembering Dave

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Well, just got a call from the NP at onco doc's office for results of today's upper ab scan - appears to be a small lesion on Dave's liver. Appears, being the operative word, I think she said she was listening to the dictated radiologist report and couldn't make it out that clearly. He's having a PET scan tomorrow so that should clear things up.

Sounds like whoever read Monday's head CT scan thinks it's radiation damage and not a lima bean tumor. let's hope so. I'm beginning to think that myself.

We'll see the onco doc early next week to discuss.

I told Dave no more liver tumors in the family - my mom's collection of them is ENOUGH.

p.s. his sodium level had dropped to 133, which is low from a normal of 140. sooo, I'm thinking SOMETHING is dropping that sodium, it might be that small liver lesion. we'll just get it zapped right outta there.

I'm worried SICK about Beth (JustaKid). I'm worried about Dave. I'm worried about my Mom. And I wish someone would buy our darn house so I can stop worrying about that. can someone make it all go away please?

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Hoping this is nothing but a dictation error or that some nurse has a bean in her ear and didn't hear it right!! :roll:

Let us know soon as you do, Karen. Try not to stress over all that is going on. One thing at a time...ok? And breathe.......

We'll be waiting to hear, sending lots of positive thoughts in the meantime.

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If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it a duck?

Dave had his scans on CD and we looked at them last night. Looks like a liver met to me, and not a very small one either.

He's getting his PET scan as we speak.

SIX MONTHS of chemo and he gets a met at the end of it?

Please, please prayers for him.


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what a day.

VERY LONG STORY, but basically this afternoon I took the CD of Dave's CT scan to the radiation oncologist who pulled it up right then and there, read it, then took me into a private room and talked to me. Dave had gone home after his pet scan because he felt so horrible. I didn't sleep a wink last night and feel horrible too but was at least functioning (in between bawling my head off). anyway, the radiation onco doc and his staff are wonderful awesome folks. he told me there is indeed a tumor in the liver, appears to be a surface tumor. he thinks it can be gotten with RFA. the pet scan should clear up the speculation about the lima beans in the brain - light 'em up if they are tumors.

meanwhile, I couldn't get through all day to anyone at the onco doc's office who could tell me how soon we can see him about all of this. so I told the radiation onco doc's nurse. they aren't with the same practice. the pet scan was done in the same cancer center as the radiation onco doc, so she told me they will pull it up on the computer tomorrow, call the onco doc's office and insist they see dave asap about it. meanwhile, after that, I finally find out onco doc is out of the office until Monday. so we really can't have a plan of action or know what the pet scan says until then. maybe the radiation onco doc will see us tomorrow and at least explain that to us.

I just want to quit my job so I can work on this full time. the fight is very real now. but I can't. I know they are fed up with my comings and goings, but I will do what it takes to help dave fight this. his life is much more important than anything, and to me the most important aspect of my job right now is just keeping it and I've got the FMLA.

Your prayers are appreciated! thanks!


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