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I hope this doesn't bother anyone


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I hate asking these vague questions but I have no one else to inquire too.

What does it feel like to have an enlarged lymph node or problem in the axilla. I remember reading that someone (s) may have had this at one time. Is it something that you found and it was confirmed, something that just popped up on a scan? etc.

The doctors are always checking (palpating) that area but I wonder if they can really feel anything slight? I know it's always best to be checked but I just wonder if anyone had that "feeling" that something wasn't quite right.

Thanks for all your help

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Doctors can feel for swollen lymph nodes and can tell wether they are hard or soft. My mom had one on her neck that all three of her doctors felt they said it was small but hard and wanted to do a biopsy. So being that my mom is thin they are easier to feel on heavier people there is not as good of a chance to feel them.


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