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New at this and scared gg


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Hi this is my first time at attempting to share. My daughters signed me up with Chemo angels and it's been wonderful. With them I haven't needed to talked about my fears, only receive wonderful notes from wonderful people.

This is my second :( time at the lung cancer scare. I was told they had gotten it all six years ago with surguery. At the surprise of my doctors and my family we learned the day before Thanksgiving this year the tumor has returned and is inoperable. I'm now 17 days into radiation and on my 5th Chemo treatment. I'm told I'm doing well but won't know until three weeks after my last radiation if it has shrunk or not. So far my first Pet Scan showed that it hadn't gone outside the lung cavity so I hold onto that blessing.

My daughters live in San Diego and I'm still in Oregon until I finish my first round of treatment. I miss them very much. I become very lonely and seem to cry a great deal these days. They tell me my cancer is non small cell but the tumor is sizable. I try not to feel sorry for my self but admit to the fear in dying a such a young age. My youngest daughter got married in August and I hope to be around to be a part of the birth of their first baby. It's important to her an myself as well. I have three grandchildren by my oldest and have a close realationship with all three. They call me their crazy granny!! My youngest daughter was born on my birthday and our bond is strong. I'm heartsick about this latest road bump and we all are.

I had to quit my jop at the U of O as I was unable to perform my duties as the house director. The jop is taxing and the the house is approx 38,000sq.ft. It's allot to keep up and I have a large staff to look after. I miss it terribly and feel sad about leaving.

This is my first attempt so please bare with me.


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Dear June,

Thanks for reaching out to us. This group of people are so wonderful. You will get a lot of information and support here. It sounds like you are attacking the disease with alot of energy. It sounds like it's limited in scope which is good. Any technical questions you could refer to the "Ask the Experts" forum. They are very good and can help you. Cancer can be a lonely disease, but if you keep posting here, we'll keep you company. Please know we're all cheering you on. You got friends here, for sure. Keep us up to date.


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Hi June and WELCOME!!!!

So glad you chose to speak out. You wil be so glad too. This is a wonderfu place where you will fit right in immediatly. The help you can get here as well as your daughters is imeasurable.

You will be in my prayers for sucessful radiation and chemo. As you can see in my profile my mom's was. They got it all with no surgery.

God Bless


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Welcome. I am sorry you had to find us. My mom has the same goal as you, to see a grandchild. I am newly married also.

Please tell your daugther that if she ever wants to come on line, there are a lot of daugthers on here such as myself. Your daugther also lives somewhat close by to me. Even if she does not want to post, but just e-mail, let me know and I will give you my contact info.

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Hi June-

Welcome and I'm with you, I just went from stage 3a to stage 4. I only had a 4mth break from my initial dx treatment. I was at least thinking I would get a few years, but no.

My goal is to make it to my 8yr olds high school graduation. If I could make it to that milestone I would then give up and let it take me willingly without a fight. We'll have to see what the higher powers have in store for me.

Good luck with your treatment, I start chemo tomorrow. And welcome again!

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Hi June,

Welcome here. Sorry you had to come here but we are a great group of people for knowledge and support.

One thing you must learn, is don't listen to statistics. When you read other peoples posts you will see that they have beaten the odds. I could only imagine how devestatived you were to find out it had returned after all those years of being Cancer free. But, you have done this before and beat it, you can do it again, you have too. You want to see that grandchild don't you. Of course you do.

Keep a positive attitude and fight with everything you got. Do not let that beast win.

We are always here to listen and help.

please take care


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Hi, June:

I'm so sorry to hear that your cancer returned after 6 years. I know it must have been awful painful to you and your family, especially after being told initially that your cancer was cured and having 6 years of being free from it.

You have come to the right place to talk about your cancer and worries and get support from this wonderful group. All of us either have cancer ourselves or are caregivers or have a loved one with cancer. I have lung cancer--or should say I am a 2-3/4 MONTH survivor, after having lung cancer surgery.

June, did or did you have non small cell or small cell cancer? What stage was your initial cancer? Did you have scans often? How and why did they find your recent recurrence?

Sending hope and prayers for a recovery of this new cancer.


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June, I am also, very sorry that this is your second go round with this dreadful disease. Welcome to our site. You can get alot of information, and stregnth, all needed things, for the fight. Come as often as you need to and thank you for sharing. Wishing you the best....

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Welcome to the family June,

So, sorry to hear that your cancer returned after 6 years. I know that must have been a real shock. My husband, Mike's , returned after 3 years. Every case is different, but I have some idea how you might feel. Everyone here is in the same boat of living with a cancer diagnosis or with someone we love that has it. The people here are so kind , compassionate eager to help in any way they can. After you read the profiles , you will start to develop a sense of hope that the doctor's don't always give us. I think you will find the information shared here helpful as well. Be sure to reach out if you need help .


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Hi June, welcome. This is a wonderful place.

My mom's lc just came back after almost five years. I know it's so terribly hard, and almost like hearing it again for the first time. I'm so sorry your kids aren't near you. That has to be so hard. I'm an hour and a half from my mom, would love to be closer, but it's not so far really. Just keep the faith, and fight this thing. God is good and He's in control. You're in my prayers.

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Hi June: welcome.

I am sorry to hear that your lc came back. All of us early stagers here remain hopeful that we will have beaten it after 2 years, but I guess there are no guarantees.

I may be facing the possibility of a recurrence at one year after sugery, possibly into my chest wall, and so I know how you must feel. For me, I don't really know for sure yet, but I know I would be very dissapointed, depressed and eventually afraid I suppose if a recurrence to a higher stage for sure happened.

but... there are lots of people here who can listen to you and me and cheer us on.

It is good to hear that your treatment is going well. Before you know it, you will be outa Eugene and down in San Diego to be with your family.

Hopefully the radiation will make your tumor small enough so that you can have an operation. If the cancer has not left your lung, I think they would do something like that.

I go through Eugene every now and then when I am on the road for job assignments.

I am a first time grandpa. His name is Keaton Joseph.

Hang in there June.

Don M

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Sorry that your lc has returned. There's so many new and good treatments out there. I also have grandchildren so I know how much you

must miss them. Hang in there and fight. Good luck to you and I will

keep you in my prayers. Take care.

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